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  • Vision of the Department

    • Chemistry Department is committed to promote quality education, training, research, consultancy and enhance employability and entrepreneurial skills to our students so that each student achieve his/her personal academic potential . Chemistry Department is committed to conducting research on fundamental and applied problems in the field of environmental chemistry, synthesis and characterization of organic and inorganic compounds , electrochemistry, nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry , corrosion and green chemistry. Chemistry Department is committed to enhancing the public welfare and economic development of the kingdom through development of strategic partnerships with other departments, academic institutions and chemical industry. Team of chemist working to develop scientific cultural awareness via the academic conferences, workshops, seminars , scientific publications and research project grants.

  • Mission of the Department

    • The Chemistry Department of VGU is working since 2012 with a vision that it will be recognized by institutions of higher learning for excellence in teaching, mentorship of students, and in research in chemistry. The department is offering the highest quality undergraduate (B.Sc. & B.Sc Hons.) and graduate (M.Sc. & PhD.) curriculum designed as per UGC guidelines which cover the content of competitive exams like NET & SLET. The department is contributing effectively in interdisciplinary chemistry minor and major programs with courses like agriculture chemistry, soil science , engineering chemistry, applied chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy and environmental science. The department offer excellent and fascinating introductory courses which both instruct and stimulate students in all of the university's programs, including the areas of engineering studies, agriculture science, pharmaceutical science , basic science and diploma programs. A team of well qualified and dedicated teachers of chemistry department work to encourage and nurture development of students’ physical, mental, emotional, secular and spiritual faculties . With the help of innovative instructional techniques and by use of modern educational technology in lecture and laboratory courses we offer students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in the chemistry and its application to the society

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