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  • Vision of the Department

    • To lay foundation for excellence and propagate development of the Institution as a premier Institution by igniting and nurturing enthusiasm, interests and passion, in the study of physics.

  • Mission of the Department

    • 1.To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical Physics, through dedication to teaching, commitment to students and innovative instructional methods like LCD presentation, OHP/LCDs etc.
    • 2. To support the developmental activities of the university and make the Department vibrant.
    • 3.To make vital contributions in areas of emphasis such as faculty, modern labs, Department library and demonstrate a high level of competence in the study of Physics.
    • 4. To introduce pioneering programs in the Department that will embrace heritage and values of the Institution.
    • 5. To organize and sustain efficient operating systems in the Department for realization of our objectives as Institution of eminence and International standards.
    • 6. To evolve strategies in the Department for continuous Improvement.
Contact Person Name- Mr Ravikant Pareek Phone No.- +91-9729500999 E-mail
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