Civil Engineering

Vision of the Department

To develop a department of academic excellence by producing competent civil engineers to meet the challenges in field and provide satisfaction to the stakeholders.

Mission of the Department

1. To provide sound knowledge in the area of civil engineering through effective pedagogy.

2. To serve the society and the nation by providing competent civil engineers, keen to apply knowledge and accept new challenges in rapidly changing technology to the satisfaction of stakeholders

3. To create an environment that supports competent professionals to design and develop civil engineering systems and contribute towards research and development activities

4. To provide ample opportunities to the staff for up keeping their knowledge and skills in civil engineering and related areas.

The VGU has identified the delivery of high quality degree programs. The Faculty of Engineering at VGU offers a range of unique experiences to its students summarized in self-learning and research based learning. Moving to the industrial internships that are graduation requirements and which allow students the opportunity to engage in real life projects during their studies. A wide range of skill sets that are planned into the relevant engineering programs are also offered by the Faculty.

As one of the fastest rising engineering programs we look to the future with tremendous sense of optimism and anticipation to advance even further.

Mr. Ravikant Pareek | H.O.D of Civil Engineering
Vivekananda Global University


Mr. Ravikant Pareek
Head of Department
Assistant Professor (M. Tech.)
Mr. Ravindra Kumar
Pro Head
Lecturer (B.Tech)
Mr. Mahendra kumar
Assistant Professor(M.E)
Mr. Ramu Ram
Assistant Professor(M. Tech.)
Mr. Prateek Sharma
Lecturer(B. Tech.)
Mr. Krishna Kumar Goyal
Lecturer(B . Tech.)
Mr. Sagar Mittal
Lecturer(B. Tech.)
Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Lecturer (B.Tech)
Mr. Manish Vishnoi
Lecturer(B . Tech.)
Mr. Manoj Panchal
Lecturer(B. Tech.)
Mr. Jitendra Singh Rathore
Lecturer (B.Tech)
Mr. Sandeep kumar Nagar
Lecturer(B . Tech.)
Mr. Rahul Chaudhary
Lecturer(B. Tech.)
Mr. Gohar Aziz
Lecturer (B.Tech)
Mr. Anil Kumar
Lecturer(B . Tech.)
Mr. Vishnu Gena
Lecturer(B. Tech.)
Mr. Sonesh Jangid
Lecturer (B.Tech)

Infrastructure Details

Road Material Testing Lab
Surveying Lab
Material testing Lab
Geotechnical Engineering Lab
Construction Materials Lab
Concrete Technology Lab
Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics Lab
Environmental Engineering Lab
Structural Engineering lab
Engineering Geology Lab
 Contact Person
  Name- Mr Ravikant Pareek
  Phone No.- +91-9729500999