Department of Commerce

Commerce education has emerged as one of the most potential pursuits in the wake of industrialization, economic development and techno-managerial revolution. The objective of the Department is to impart knowledge and skills considered essential for facing the challenges of the rapidly changing environment in the field of trade, industry and commerce. The Department is also aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to carry on independent research in the field of Commerce and allied disciplines. Our dynamic, inspirational and agile academic faculties are purely dedicated and committed to the excellence of each student. The personalized teaching techniques and the environment provided to the candidate includes meticulously planned classrooms, availability of books for research, which as a result ensures 100% development of the student on the intellectual part.
We aim to create a spectrum of main professional curriculum as well as numerous additional activities such as group learning, group interaction, experiences derived from in-house as well as outdoor field-based workshops which are practical and on the job oriented modules.
This enables a student to be completely engrossed in indoor class curriculum as well as outdoor practical work, thereby creating an end product capable of being dovetailed as a productive asset in any form of employment. The focus is not only on making a student employable but also to enhance their employability quotient, which is in keeping with the overall vision of the university.

Dr. Manisha Choudhary
Vivekananda Global University

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Dr. Praveen Choudhary
Dean Of Managment
Dr. Manisha Chaudhary
Head Of Department
Dr. Latika Dhuria
Associate Professor
Dr. Deepali Mehta
Associate Professor
Dr. Minakshi Nagar
Assistant Professor
Dr. Preeti Sharma
Assistant Professor
Pankaj Choudhary
Assistant Professor
Mr. Hitesh Tikyani
Assistant Professor
Ms. Sonu Garg
Assistant Professor
Ms. Poonam Rajharia
Assistant Professor
Ms. Neeti Meena
Assistant Professor
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