X-Zeus Robotics Club


Robotics club started with an objective to inculcate basic knowledge of robotics among the students and enable them to undertake project work as a part of learning process and to organize competitions to develop competencies among students. The aim of the club is achieved by imparting basic knowledge through experts' lectures, undertaking group-wise time targeted project work, organizing competition of the functional models within groups and awards prizes for the best models. Students have won laurels at several Robotics competitions at State and National level including at IIT Delhi. The club inculcates basic knowledge of robotics, undertakes project work and organizes competitions. The students are given knowledge related to wire controlled robots, wireless robots and intelligent robots. Workshop on robotics is organized on regular basis to enhance knowledge of the students. The teams of VGI students participated in events at IIT-J, LNMIT, IIT Kanpur and various other National Institutes. Our teams also won I prize at IIT - Rajasthan; II prize at LNMIT; III prize at IIT-Delhi, III prize at MNIT.