Privacy Policy

To create proper systems for functioning of the University, five committees were constituted to cover the aspects relating to Faculty Development, Research Initiatives, Co/Extra Curricular activities, Student Mentorship and Academic Administration and their draft reports were placed for consideration of the Board at its 8th Meeting held on 22 Nov 2014.

The University is growing into conglomerate of diverse Institutions with multiple colleges and networked centres of knowledge and expertise, including libraries, laboratories and research, teaching and training facilities. Requirement of domain diversity and multi-faceted dynamism present major challenges and rich opportunities in dealing with stakeholder expectations and aspirations.

VGU policies reflect deep and abiding commitment to support and foster excellence in every area of teaching-learning and research. To maintain relevance in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment, the policies are non rigid but with their rationale firmly grounded in consistency, equity, transparency and social commitment.

Information technology is to be used to create an automated system whereby the component tasks of the teaching-learning process as also the work of faculty development and strengthening of the University can be monitored in real time and made as transparent as needed and possible to all stakeholders, including the management, faculty, staff and students.

We need to create a culture of responsibility and accountability with due appreciation of effort and work of all concerned that leads to systematic progress on all parameters and development of excellence in our faculty, staff and student body. We also need to develop a mechanism which will lead to a sense of intrinsic motivation whereby a cycle of development through hard work and commitment towards the institution will be put in place.

The five committees have suggested the following objectives to be achieved by implementing this plan/policy:-


1.Academic Administration

2.Faculty Development

3.Student Mentoring