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Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Salient Features

The Department of Electrical Engineering has been in existence since the inception of the University in the year of 2013 which shares the Mission and Vision of the University in imparting high quality education to the students. The department has highly qualified, committed and research oriented faculty members from different NITs and IITs. Department offering the Diploma program, B.Tech. program, M Tech Program and Ph.D. programs in Electrical Engineering. The laboratories well equipped with State-of -Art facilities in diversified fields such as High Voltage Engineering lab, Electric Drives & control lab, Electrical Machines lab, Power System lab, Control System lab, Advance Power Electronics lab, Electrical Measurement lab, etc.


The Department of Electrical Engineering envision well rounded development of Students so that they can stand to professional and academic competence with positive contribution towards the society.


  • Develop life-long learning skills that allow undergraduates to be adaptive and responsive to changes in society, technology and the environment, as well as in career demands.
  • To inculcate attitudes for research and developmental activities.
  • To promote industry integration with the flow of academic activities.

Salient Features

  • Practical hand practices are given to the students.
  • Highly equipped machine laboratory is established with ac & dc machines.
  • We have control system laboratory with PID Controller and PLC & SCADA system.
  • Things taught in class are available to do experimentally in power electronics lab which improves the understanding of students.
  • Advance simulation lab installed in department for research work with advanced version of MATLAB.

Skill development program in department

  • Campus recruitment training for the Final year students (CRT)
  • Soft skill Activity for the IInd year students

  • Advanced Power Electronics Lab
  • Switch Gear & Protection Lab
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab
  • Electrical Workshop Lab
  • Electric Drives & Their Control Lab
  • Control System Lab


Mr. Parmeshwar Kumawat

Designation :Hod & Associate Professor

Qualification :*Ph.D., M.Tech (Power System), B.E. (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In Yrs.) :More Than 7.0 Yrs

Email :kumawat.permeshwar@vgu.in.ac

Area of Interest :Circuit Theory, Economic Load Dispatch, And Power System Stability

Achievements :He Has Published 2 Books Of Circuit Analysis-I And Circuit Analysis-Ii In 2013


Amol Purohit

Designation :Associate Professor

Qualification :*Ph.D. M.Tech. (Communication & Signal Processing ) B.Tech. (Electronics & Communications )

Experience (In Yrs.) :10.0 Yrs

Email :amol_purohit@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Electronics Devices, Communication System

Achievements :He Published More Than 10 Papers In National & International Confrences


Mr. Atul Kumar Dadhich

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :*Ph.D., M.Tech (Renewable Energy), B.E. (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In Yrs.) :More than 5.5 Yrs

Email :Dadhich.atul@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Electrical Machines, Reneable Energy Sources

Achievements :He Published More Than 8 National Paper And One Project Are Selected For Rfcl In 2013


Mr. Pawan Kumar

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.Tech (Control System), B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In years) :5 Yrs

Email : pawan.beniwal33@gmail.com

Area of Interest :Control system, optimization tools.


Mr. Mohit Kumar Jain

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.Tech. (Power System) B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In Yrs.) :5.5 YRS

Email :mohit.jain@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Reneable Energy Sources, Deregulation, Power System Planning, Power Quality

Achievements :He Published 2 Research Articles In Ieee Confreneces


Mr. Govind Rai Goyal

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.E. (Automation & Control, Power System) B.E. (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In Yrs.) :5.5 YRS

Email : govindrai.goyal@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Power System Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Power System Planning

b>Achievements :Recently Awarded As Reviewer Of Electric Power System Research By Elsevier, A Renowned Journal


Mr. Arjun Singh

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.Tech (Power System), B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In years) :5 Yrs

Email : singh.arjun@vitej.ac.in

Area of Interest :Power System Operational & Control, Restructuring of Distribution System.

Achievements :He has published more than two paper in IJTRS and organized National Conference as Recent Advanced in Power System Engineering.


Mr. Fani Mani

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :PhD submitted to DRC (Departmental Research Commitee in the area of Renewable Energy, Power Electronics), M.Tech (Power Electronics)

Experience (In years) :4.5 (1year teaching+3.5 years of research)

Email : fanimani81@gmail.com

Area of Interest :His specialization is Power Electronics. His area of interest includes Renewable Energy,Solar Energy, Power Electronics.

Achievements :He has published two paper in Solar Energy (sci and scopus journal with impact factor of 4.5) and also published one foreign conference IEEE conference and organised National Conference at NIT Kurukshetra. He is submitting his thesis in April/May from BITS Pilani. Before joining PhD he was Assistant Professor (on contract) at NIT Kurukshetra.


Mr. Manish Kumar

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification :M.Tech. (Power System) B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In Yrs.) :1.5 Yrs

Email :Kumar.manish@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Power System, Circuit Theory


Pushpendra Kumar

Designation :Lecturer

Qualification :B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In Yrs.) :1.0 Yrs

Email :Pushpendra_chaturvedi@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Circuit Analysis & Synthesis, Electrical Machines


Mr. Raubinson Sharma

Designation :Teaching Assistant

Qualification :B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering )

Experience (In Yrs.) :2.5 Yrs

Email :raubinson.s@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest :Generation of Electrical Power


Mr. Vineet Kumar Parihar

Designation :Assistant Professor & Nodal Officer

Qualification :M.Tech (Power System), B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)

Experience (In years) :1.5 Yrs

Email : Viny8818@gmail.com

Area of Interest :Power System Operational & Control, electrical machine, MATLAB.

Achievements :He has published two paper in International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) .


Mr. Anand Mohan Sharma

Lab Incharge

Activity-1 : A Report on Conference RAPSE-V, 2016

Department of Electrical Engineering, VGI Campus, Jaipur organized a National Conference on Recent Advancements in Power System Engineering (RAPSE-V, 2016) on 18 and 19 March, 2016 in the VGI Campus Auditorium for the fifth year in succession to the ones conducted in the previous years 2015. Eminent Academicians, Faculty members and students from reputed engineering colleges and universities from different parts of the country and representatives from industries and governmental organizations attended the conference.

Out of the 142 abstracts received from various institutions/organizations across the country, 42 abstracts were accepted for submission of full paper and 31 full papers were selected for presentation in the Conference. Thirty papers were presented by delegates from various participating institutions in the four technical sessions, covering two major categories titled “Power System” and “Renewable Energy” held over the two days. The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest at the inaugural function, Prof. (Dr.) M. L. Kothari, Professor IIT Delhi at 9.30 am on 18th March 2016

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Activity-2 : Visit the Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd

It was a technical tour conducted by our institute VGU, JAIPUR for students of 4th Semester of Electrical engineering department. This tour was conducted in two days. Around 34 students visited the Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd., Neemrana plant.

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Activity-3 : Industrial Visit at 132 KVGSS Indira Gandhi Nagar

Electrical engineering department of VGU campus has organised an industrial cum educational tour on October 15th, 2015 for Diploma and B.Tech electrical III semester students to "132 KVGSS INDIRA GANDHI NAGAR". This tour was conducted under the supervision of faculty members Mr. Atul Dhadhich, and Mr. Rajanikant Lata. At GSS Exn Mr. Meena Ji guided students to understand the importance and the working of GSS. He provided the valuable knowledge about the transmission and distribution of the power from one sub-station to the other sub-station to our students.

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