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Department of Physics

Department of Physics

Salient Features

The Department of Physics from its modest beginning in 2013 has now grown into an active center of quality teaching and research. The department, under the leadership of our President Prof. (Dr.) Y. K. Vijay, have organized various national & international level conferences. The department has also set up a Innovation Lab which is aimed at driving students towards innovation rather than imparting just theoretical knowledge.

  • Well qualified and experienced faculty headed by Prof. Y.K. Vijay, Eminent Scientist, Physics.
  • Material Research Lab, Microwave Research Lab, Molecular Dynamics Research Lab, CNT’s synthesis Lab along with well equipped regular course labs.
  • Innovation hub- shaping young minds.
  • Professors from Stanford University, Keil University, IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee and CSIR on advisory board.
  • MOU with CEERI, Pilani for science projects

The infrastructure of Department is the best in its class. The Department consists of good number of lecture rooms, Seminar Halls, Tutorial Rooms and Following Labs:

  • Engineering Physics Lab (B.Tech.)
  • Applied Physics Lab (Diploma)
  • B.Sc. Labs (1st, 3rd and 5th Semester)
  • M.Sc. 1st Sem Physics Labs ( General and Advance Physics)
  • M.Sc. 3rd Sem Physics Lab. ( General and Microwaves)
  • Research Lab, ( Material Science & Microwaves)
  • Molecular Dynamics Research Lab and
  • Innovation Hub (Interdisciplinary Facility)
  • Material Research Laboratory
  • Renewable Energy Lab (MNRE Project)

  • Facilities at Material Research Laboratory are:

    1. Vacuum Coating Unit
    2. Spin coating unit
    3. Spray pyrolysis
    4. Carbon Nano Tube synthesis unit
    5. Magnets of 10 KGauss strength
    6. CVD unit for Carbon Nano Tube synthesis
    7. Thermoelectric measurements unit
    8. Pellet Making Device
    9. Muffle Furnace
    10. Electroplating Set Up
    11. USB Digital Microscope

    Thin Film Coating on Pallets
    Vacuum Coating Unit
    CVD unit for Carbon Nano Tube Synthesis
    Magnets of 10 KGauss Strength

    Rise Time Measurement for a Pallet Capacitor
    Thermoelectric Measurements Unit


Dr. Y C Sharma

Designation:Dean, Faculty of Basic and Applied Science and Professor in Physics

Qualification: Ph.D., M.Sc (Physics)

Experience (In Years) : 18 Years

E-Mail: yc_sharma@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest: Condensed Matter Physics, Thin Film Technology, Solar Cells


Mr. R K Gupta

Designation:Associate Professor and Head Dept . of Physics

Qualification: M.Sc (Particle Physics)

Experience (In Years) : 36 Years

E-Mail: gupta.rk@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest: High Energy Physics


Dr. Subodh Srivastava

Designation :Associate Professor

Qualification : Post Doc., Ph.D, M.Sc (Physics)

Experience (In Years) : 5 Years

E-Mail: Srivastava.subodh@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest : Nanomaterials, Material Science, CNT


Dr. Sushila

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D, M.Sc (Physics)

Experience (In Years) : 8 Years

E-Mail: sushila@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest : Mathematical Physics, Computational Physics, Quantum Mechanics


Mr. Mukesh Payak

Designation :Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (P), M.Sc (Electronics)

Experience (In Years) : 14 Years

E-Mail: payak.mukesh@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest : Electronics, DRIVE technology


Mr. Manish Kumar Gupta

Designation :Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (P), M.Tech. (Microelectronics), M.Sc (Physics), GATE 2008 & 2016

Experience (In Years) : 6 Years

E-Mail: gupta.manishkumar@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest : Biomedical Electronics, Biomedical Physics, RF Interconnects, Molecular Dynamics


Mr. Manoj Thosar

Designation :Associate Professor

Qualification : Ph.D (P), M.Tech. (Applied Physics), M.Sc (Electronics)

Experience (In Years) : 11 Years

E-Mail: thosar.manoj@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest : Photovoltaic Cell, Solid State Physics


Mr. Yogesh Kumar Mahawar

Designation :Sr. Lab Technician

Qualification : Graduate, ITI, Diploma from labor ministry,

Experience (In Years) : 9 Years

E-Mail: mahawar.yogesh@vgu.ac.in

Area of Interest : Photovoltaic Cell, Solid State Physics


Mr. Sanjay Mendirratta

Designation :Lab Assistant

Qualification : B.Sc (Sci-Maths)

Experience (In Years) : 9 Years

E-Mail: mendiratta.sanjay@vgu.ac.in

One of the most important function of the association is to provide a platform to the student to interact among themselves as well as with all the faculty members. This is achieved by organizing activities like seminar, Quiz competitions, Popular talk etc.

  • National Seminar on Current Issues-I (Theme- Journey of Transistor: From lab to Industry), 8th February. 2014
  • 1st National Level Project Exhibition Competition, ‘Khoj – Prayas’, 1st May, 2014
  • National Seminar on Materials and Society, 27th May, 2014
  • INSPIRE Project workshop for students from 19th June to 17 July. 2014
  • Summer training project for M.Sc. Physics Students from 7th July to 16th August. 2014
  • 26th Annual General Meeting of Materials Research Society of India, from 9th Feb. to 11th Feb. 2015
  • National Seminar on Current Issues-II (Theme- Microwaves: Applications and Social Issues), 27th February. 2015
  • 2nd National Level Project Exhibition Competition, ‘Khoj – Prayas’, 1st May, 2015
  • International Conference on Radiation Effect on Insulator (REI2015), 26-30 October, 2015.
  • International Workshop on Polymer/Metal Nano composite from 02nd Nov. to 05th Nov. 2015
  • 3rd National Seminar on Current Issues to be held in January 2016.
  • 3rd National Level Project Competition ‘Khoj Prayas’ to be held on 28th Feb., 2016
  • 1. Annual Project Exhibition “KHOJ PRAYAS”
    2. National Seminar on Current Issues (NSCI)

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