*"Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached: Swami Vivekananda "

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President Message

Greetings from our President - Prof. (Dr.) Y. K. Vijay

We know the advancement in technology, and we understand its demands. Thus, we believe in creating life-changing educational opportunities and collaborative learning environments. At VGU, we help students to gain real world knowledge that employers demand, through various interface centers and serve students with enchanting exposures.

Education not only helps you to get a job and make a living, rather it shapes your personality into a healthy soul. With the right guidance at VGU, we prepare and nurture students for the dynamic and highly competitive world.

The VIT experience is demanding but it is deeply rewarding as well. Here, students are encouraged to follow their curiosity to encounter new ideas and opinions. And it is here, they rediscover their strengths as they put in place their values and principles.

A university is a box of various people. Everybody has a pivotal role to play. Likewise, our teachers are an integral part of us. They are a perfect blend of academics and industrial. They are always eager and active in taking participation in any of the drives for the students. They are always ready with suggestions and new ideas for the betterment of the students.

VGU focuses on making successful professionals out of the untrained and unskilled human beings.