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R&D Cell

About R&D Cell

The Vivekananda Global University, Research & Development Cell and R&D office is set up to provide specialized managerial support for the operation and accessing of sponsored research, consultancy and other related R&D activities of the University. It facilitates interaction with external agencies for funded R&D projects, also promotes and manages University-Industry interaction. The key role of the office of R&D Cell is to provide a creative atmosphere in Research and Development activities of the University in the due course of time.

The functions of R & D Cell includes:

  • Administrate research projects sponsored by various Government and Non-Government research funding agencies such as UGC, DST, AICTE, ISRO etc.
  • Administrate specialized workshops/conferences/seminars sponsored by UGC, AICTE etc.
  • Administrate in establishing the Joint collaborative Inter-Disciplinary Research Labs to strengthen collaborative research efforts of both UG and PG students of different departments of the University for the benefit of University and society.
  • Administrate Technology Development Mission: Management of licensing/Patenting of technologies resulting from R&D activities of faculty and students of the University to Industries/Clients.
  • Administrate Joint collaborative programmes: Finding the scope for several MOU with National as well as multinational industries and academic/research institutions to strengthen collaborative research efforts.
  • Administrate in promotion of University-Industry interactions: It provides helping hand in establishing collaborative research partnerships for undertaking creative and advanced research in emerging areas of interest to the industry.
  • Administrate University Lectures/Workshops: The practice of organizing University Lectures/Workshops on topics of general interest/Technical delivered by distinguished personnel with outstanding achievements / with the collaboration of IIT/NIT's MHRD Sponsored programmes such as Ekalavya IIT-Mumbai.
  • Administrate in establishing and getting ISSN for the University’s inter-disciplinary International Engineering and Technology Qualitative Research Journal.Administrate in identifying the scope and establishing the AICTE proposed Research Park for the successful technological innovation.
  • Administrate in establishing the registered University Research Centre for the eligible departments from the University & administrate PhD Program.
The objectives of R & D Cell are:
  • To create centers of Excellence in niche areas of research
  • To provide a common platform for the agglomeration of knowledge and ideas of personnel for learning enrichment
  • To establish Robotics and automation Lab, MEMS lab etc, Nano technology and Composites labs
  • To create opportunities for students and exploit the available resources to the benefit of Industry/society
  • To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize Industrial connectivity
  • To foster collaborations for mutual benefits in areas of research
  • To encourage participation in the national agenda of knowledge building
  • To encourage the research participation
  • To promote our University as a major resources center in a company’s innovation strategy
  • To promote research from the individual departments of the University
R & D cell has created various wings to facilitate the above said functions. Some of the wings are:
  • Project Management and R&D Automation Cell: This cell finds the scope of distinguished sponsored projects for the University and makes registration of all projects, receiving funds, prepares utilization certificates and also handles the preparation and maintenance of software’s for R&D use.
  • Corporate Communications and Web Publications Cell: This cell will look after the work related to drafting, checking of MoUs, data maintenance, providing data for various departments and maintenance of R&D information in the University’s R&D Web portal.