Academic Event

Yearlong out of the book academic activities is a legacy at VGU.

Yearlong out of the book academic activites is a legacy at VGU, to give students different platforms of learning & present their skills.
Academic events connects student’s learning with execution. VGU organise more then 50 academic events every year which boosts student’s platforms of performance & provide ample opprtunity to eveyone to connect , collebrate, reserch & learn with , From & by the industry leaders.



National Level Project Exhibitions.

Academic events at a glance!


VGU Khoj Prayas is our event which aims to create a platform for various scholars to come forward & showcase their research & study by presenting it to fellow scholars. The white papers are published in our Research Journal “Khoj”.
This is one of annual reserch & peoject exhibition.


National Project Exhibition is a National-level Project Exhibition seminar which provides a plaform to various students to showcase their talent by exhibiting their projects in front of renowned professors & dignitaries. The input given by the dignitaries also guide them in taking their project work to a new dimension.


To keep students updated & connected all academic departments of VGU are concerend to organsie one confrance or seminar every week.
These semianrs are always full of knowledge, energy and current trends.
Team VGU give their best efforts to deliver their students a world class Mentor & content for the confrance & seminar.


VGU Have legacy of Student Startups, every year many student team up and with VGU’s support start their journey toward entrepreneurship.
Boot Camp is the first step in same, though boot camp is general for all but it’s a dream event of many students.


Human capital today connotes a fundamental parameter of qualitative output for any enterprise. The orientation of a business towards its human resources is emerging as a key strategic imperative affecting its cardinal outcomes.To give their Management students a better idea of structure VGU organise a global HR Conclave every year.


Stambh is the annual event of the Department of Architecture & Design ( Also Kown as CODE VGU or Centre for design excellence VGU).
Stambh is a signature annual event that witnesses more than 2000 participants from all India.


The conference proposes to bring together experts, researchers, faculty members, students and the leaders of industries for sharing their knowledge and expertise in the related field of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. The aim of Computatia is to synthesize ideas from different fields into a unique approach to the subjects allowing insights not possible in any one discipline.


The conference gave platform to people from academia and practicing engineering to interact on the cutting edge issue related to the power system. The major objective of the conference was to exchange ideas of the recent technological developments related to the power system engineering and enhancing the knowledge related to the modern trends in electrical engineering.