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Employability Assessment

Employability Assessment

We at VGU, make sure that every student gets the best job offers. Thus, it is important that you work on your Employability Profile, which has several additional requirements besides good academic achievements.

Since, there is cut-throat competition in every industry today; you need to prove your calibre in other areas as well. Your "Good Academic Achievement" is definitely going to be the foundation of a successful career and it contributes to it substantial. Yet, you have to go beyond it and develop additional workplace competencies as even they are weighed as necessary attributes in the corporate world. You need to become an all-rounder and be potentially effective. If you understand the importance of all these elements, then there are high chances that the recruiters will choose you over the others.

Let us also therefore acquaint you, what Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur provides you for developing these "Employability Competencies", how you can participate in various activities and derive maximum advantage, that is, when you understand very clearly, how at the VGU you can develop in you these competencies.

Remarks and exposition provided with each competency discussion will help you to clearly understand how to develop the correct Workplace Competency Profile and score and enhance your Employability Skills. But remember, all this guidance will be of use and become Meaningful only when you passionately & seriously take up the Self Improvement efforts to overcome your identified Weaknesses with full sense of commitment and zeal and a high level of motivation.

In the end, all this hard work and effort you have put in will benefit You only, as it will help you to meet successfully the expectations of the Corporate Recruiters and launch yourself successfully on your desired career path.

Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur can only facilitate the process and provide you the opportunities. Each competency discussion also includes tips on what as a student you can do. Read on and move on further on the course of Self Improvement paving your way to a successful transition from Campus to Corporate.