Awareness Of Recent Trend

Advancement of Hi-tech Poultry Farming

Date– 28/09/2018

Organizing Department: Department of Agriculture

Mode- Offline

No. of participants– 68 Students

Duration of Event: 01 Day

Resource person– Dr G C Motwani

Coordinator Name: Dr. N.D. Jasuja

Brief Report: Advancement of Hi-tech Poultry Farming

In this workshop students learns that how to become an entrepreneur in poultry farming Start-ups in this sector one of the easy tasks with good return on investment. Poultry farm plays a significant part in numerous aspects of Indian society, including cuisine, religion, culture, and the economy. Every year, around 5 million chickens are grown for food (both meat and eggs of chicken). Layer hens are raised for their eggs, whereas broiler chickens are raised for their meat output. Commercial poultry farming is also a profitable business. It is a conventional business venture. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of the poultry farming business.

The Department of Agriculture has organized the Advancement of Hi-tech Poultry Farming “on Tuesday, September 28th, 2018-19. The aim of the event is to explicate the role of poultry farming business has plenty of benefits. Therefore, many farmers prefer to invest in this business. People generally establish poultry farms for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products. Around, billions of chickens are raised throughout the world as a good source of food from their eggs and meat.

The objective of this workshop was to sensitize the students about the new technology in dairy industry and thereby making them aware about how to develop their skill for making self-entrepreneur.

The workshop covered following aims:

  • Skill development strategies in Poultry Farming
  • Feed Management
  • Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • Supply Chain Technology

Farm Management Technology


The workshop ended with lot of queries of students being answered successfully and the discussion made the students aware about the new establishment of poultry farming. The workshop also increased the entrepreneurial skills in the students. In addition, it also led to overall skill development of the students and participants.


Date- 12-13 Feb, 2019

Organizing Department: Civil Engineering

Mode- Offline

No. of participants- 46

Duration of Event: 9:00am -2:00pm

Resource person- CADD Desk (Dinesh Bhatia)

Coordinator Name: Mr. Mahendra Kumar


A design engineer’s responsibility should include assuring the structural safety of the design, details, checking shop drawing. Detailing is as important as design since proper detailing of engineering designs is an essential link in the planning and engineering process as some of the most divesting collapses in history have been caused by defective connections or detailing. The students got acknowledged about the purpose of structural design that is providing a safe structure complying with the user’s requirements. The design should evolve a structural solution for safety and serviceability throughout the design life, which gives the greatest overall economy for the first cost end for maintenance costs. This workshop was designed to facilitate up gradation of knowledge and skills in the above field by providing a forum for sharing their knowledge, experience, innovations and inventions.

The workshop is designed to help the students to master structural drafting and documentation and structural element design productivity. It will impart skills about 3D reinforcement beam design, weld symbol drawings, scheduling, customizable detailing and shop drawing, and much more. Overall, this workshop will help to develop efficient and accurate fabrication details and drawings, which leads to develop entrepreneurship skills among the students.

The workshop covered following aims:

  • What is ductile detailing?
  • Uses of various software in civil engineering
  • Basic knowledge of infrastructure.


The seminar ended with lot of queries of students being answered successfully and the discussion made the students aware that not only inventing something new but protecting it is equally important.



Date- 2 March, 2021

Organizing Department: Civil Engineering

Mode- Offline

No. of participants- 33

Duration of Event: 10:00am-2:00pm

Resource person- Mr. D.N. Saraswat

Coordinator Name: Mr. Harshil bhatt


GPS stands for Global Positioning System.  GPS refers to a group of US Department of Defense satellites constantly circling the earth.  These satellites transmit very low power radio signals and anyone with a GPS receiver can access these satellites and locate their own position on the earth. GPS technology is very useful in the classroom.  Students can use GPS receivers for mapping activities, academic scavenger hunts, problem solving, cooperative learning activities and the list could go on and on.  GPS technology is a great way to supplement any learning environment. This Seminar was designed to facilitate up gradation of knowledge and working professionals in the above field by providing a forum for sharing their knowledge, experience, innovations and inventions.

The workshop covered following aims:

  • GPS and its function
  • GPS use in Surveying
  • Future of GPS


This workshop imparts the skills within the students through the confidence in the work and advancement in the technology of surveying. It creates the entrepreneurship to start the consultancy works relevant to various creative ideas such as to plan for construction, minimizing the construction cost and astronomical researches, various aviations.

Such types of skills are most important for proper planning and detailed project for starting any type of development infrastructure


In this workshop students explore basics techniques for using the Autodesk @ Revit @ Architecture software to create a building information model of a simple structure a one storey residence. After this workshop students will be able to understand the concept of model exterior and interior walls, Create simple floor and roof elements and view the completed building model.

During the Workshop Mr. Kuldeep Singh demonstrated about the BIM software and informed the various uses and benefits made available by this software in the field of building construction.

The workshop covered following aims:

  • Exterior and interior of walls
  • Uses of Revit Software
  • BIM uses



Through this workshop a broad knowledge towards the use of BIM in building construction was provided and this leads to enhance the creativity and skills in interior and exterior designs in buildings.  By gaining such type of knowledge the students can start as an entrepreneur and provide the various types of design information to their clients.

Analytical and problem-solving, communication, initiative, planning and organizational, and teamwork skills have been improved through the workshop among the students. The most critical skills for BIM professionals to have to resolve the most common people- and process-related issues that can arise in BIM projects

Date- 04-05 March 2021

Organizing Department: Civil Engineering

Mode- Offline

No. of participants- 43

Duration of Event: 10:00am-1:00pm

Resource person- CADD Centre (Kuldeep Singh)

Coordinator Name: Mr. Mahendra Kumar

A workshop on ‘Visual Story Telling’

Date-26 march2021


No of Participants-13

Resource Person- Dr. Tabeena Anjum, Senior Journalist, Writer and Communication Academician.


Story telling is an art and it has to be learnt. The expert at the special lecture Dr. Tabeena Anjum explained about the art of storytelling to the media students. Every newsy event is a story that has to be conveyed to the readers or viewers in an interesting manner, she told the students. She explained the steps in involved in this process.


Media story telling a creative process to engage the readers or viewers. Stories tend to captivate the audience and helps in dissemination of the message very quickly. Visual story telling in the modern-day media has been successful in drawing the readers toward the brand, products and other things.


The lecture was very interesting and the students found it to be very useful in honing their story telling skills. They evinced great interest in the lecture and also asked a number of questions from the expert.