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Banking Academy

Banking Academy

Vivekananda Banking Academy in partnership with leading Banks and Financial Institutions, have trained many professionals for leading banks, insurance and financial services organizations. Vivekananda Banking Academy has established benchmarks in enhancing the productivity by transforming the banking industry and financial institutions. The Academy is fully residential and have state of the art facilities.

The superior pedagogy employed by the faculty members of Vivekananda Banking Academy provides experiential learning to the learners and equips them with domain-specific expertise. The case study and simulation based training, and hands-on learning ensures that the trained professionals are work ready from day one, thus enabling banks to address human capital challenges like job readiness & banking knowledge level of incoming employees, domain expertise, and leadership development. Vivekananda Global Universities programs cater to learning requirements across functions and levels in a bank, and across the spectrum of Banks (Public Sector, Private Sector, Small, Mid and Large Sized Banks, NBFC's). Vivekananda Banking Academy has partnered with Finitiatives Learning India Pvt. Ltd. for delivering online programs and life long learning.

The programs delivered at Vivekananda Banking Academy are as under:

  • Talent Building Program – This is campus based residential program aimed at building job-ready talent pipeline on a sustained basis. These programs are offered in conjugation with partnering banks and financial institutions wherein the bank/financial institution shortlists the learners and sends them to Vivekananda Banking Academy to transform them into job ready professionals.
  • Role Based Programs – These are the programs which help the learners to increase their expertise in particular functions such as trade finance, stressed assets, corporate banking, treasury etc. These programs are customized to the bank’s needs and requirements.
  • Fresher Programs – These programs are aimed at helping shorten a newly joining employee’s learning curve, increase their productivity and help them to adapt themselves to their role as well as the company’s culture and policies. The partner banks and financial institutions send their newly recruited employees at Vivekananda Banking Academy wherein they are trained according to the customized requirements.