BET Corporate Office

The Trust’s Corporate Office functions majorly on the non-academic and non-regular academics side of the trust. It is headed by our CEO Er. Onkar Bagaria. The main focus of the corporate office is on non-scholastic intervention such as providing Technical consultancy to host of government & private organizations, promoting Innovations & incubation, nurturing new technologies through extensive Research & Development activities, providing developmental support to the rural students through a set curriculum of teaching, providing online and offline training, on job training and job opportunities. The corporate office is currently working under six different verticals headed by two vice presidents. The verticals can be defined as:

Skill Development:

The BET Corporate office under the guidance of trust has implemented various funded & non-funded skill development programs across the country. It is registered with various agencies like Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) and AICTE etc. for providing various skills based programs which include training & providing career-building placement opportunities to
the students. As learning is the most essential tool to enhance socio-economic growth, the higher education of the 21st century faces several challenges in providing skill centric learning, meeting the needs of the industry and society in the global platform. To overcome such challenges, BET has established many Centres for Skill Development in collaboration with multiple agencies across the country which aims to upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry participation and develop necessary frameworks of
standards for quality assurance. BET is currently engaged in running full time skill development centres in the state of Rajasthan & Jharkhand & in the UT of Jammu & Kashmir sponsored by the government of India. The projects not only support the educational needs but also take care of other basic needs like boarding & lodging, uniform, training & learning material etc. & finally providing the students with livelihood opportunities.


Innovation & Incubation:

Innovation is the necessity, as innovative ideas can be converted into commercially viable products. Experimenting and innovating leads to creation of unique differentiation from the crowd which helps craft things for the next big Startups. We dare to solve challenges which make one’s life more ambitious.We fuel the
innovative ideas and provide a platform to incubate them. In collaboration with Niti Aayog, Government of India and under the banner of its University, the trust is all set to establish Rajasthan’s first state-of-the-art Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) by which we plan to provide entrepreneurial support to the budding innovators. Manufacturing, Design & Craft etc are some of the domains that this centre would cater to. Our Institutes are also empanelled Institutes under the PM Yuva Yojana of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Every year, the trust along with its institute organizes various entrepreneurship awareness camps, seminars, activities etc. to spread awareness to thousands of youths across the state. It also has active collaboration with organizations such as NEN Wadhwani Foundation, Startup Oasis, Headstart Foundation and many more to provide all necessary support to the start-ups. Also, our campus has a DST, Govt. of Rajasthan funded Rural Technology Business Incubator. The main focus is to ease the life of rural people and to achieve the same frequent training sessions are conducted for the farmers to introduce them to new technologies. The trust sponsored University has also been funded by MSME, Govt. of India under its ASPIRE scheme to promote incubation in the field of agriculture.


Marketing & Ground Support:

The division acts as a logistical support partner to various institutes of the trust as well as to various schemes undertaken by the trust & its institutes. The team dedicatedly focuses on ground level connections within the society & the community so as to understand the real world societal problems & help the other teams in the corporate office to take up projects & carry out R&D accordingly.


Publication Board:

 To develop more effective technology for the society one must engage into good research & development. We at our trust have a fully functioning R&D Cell to promote research in newly emerging frontier areas of Science and Technology including multidisciplinary fields. We have also undertaken a lot of R&D projects in the past in collaboration with the Department of Science & Technology (DST) Govt. of Rajasthan, DST Govt. of India, Department of Biotechnology Govt. of India, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) etc. We have developed & commercialized an Aloe Vera peeling machine at a very minimum cost. We are also developing a Mechanical Mehandi Extractor funded by DST, Govt. of India. The main purpose of R&D cell is to bring out the change and help in ongoing situations by developing new measures.


Technical Consultancy:

Having multidisciplinary expertise helps us provide technical consultancy services to various government projects. Some of the tasks include preparing DPR’s, carrying out extensive market research, providing technical and managerial assistance to entrepreneurs, assistance in modernization, and technology upgrades. We are
currently empanelled as Key Resource Centre for National Jal Jeevan Mission by Ministry of Jal Shakti Govt. of India, as a technical agency for SFURTI Scheme by MSME Govt. of India, for providing Retailer Training Programme under Standard & Labeling Programme of Bureau of Energy Efficiency by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India etc. to list a few.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

The key idea behind CSR is giving back to the community by social objectives which include minimizing environmental externalities, promoting volunteerism among students and company employees, and donating to charity. We strongly feel that CSR activities help forge a stronger bond between both employees and employers by connecting with the world around them. We at our organization are involved in many such activities like providing financial assistance to needy & meritorious students. We also run free educational camps for village students to introduce them to technology by providing basic computer education and help the needy with basic amenities like clothes, stationery etc. We are also preparing a draft which includes renovation of facilities & digitalization of needy villages.We conduct multiple blood donation camps every year in partnership with various NGOs and social bodies such as Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, NCC, NSS & local hospitals. We are on a mission to make Rajasthan greener and we plant around 5000 saplings every year all
across the state. We also conduct health camps to make people aware about basic hygiene and healthcare and also provide health care services free of cost.