Cultural Events.

The cultural committee of the Vivekananda Global University VGU works with the objective of developing the academic and cultural talents of the students, improving their capabilities to work as a team and raising their level of self-confidence in interacting with fellow students and peers.
Cultural activities organised by the committee include the three day annual cultural festival “PANACHE”, which is organized usually in the month of January and includes a number of intra and inter-college competitions

Cultural events at a glance!


Panache – Our Technical-cum-Cultural-cum-Sports extravaganza, is a three day of true hearted celebration at our campus. The festival consists of numerous events hosted by the University in various dimensions like Cultural, Technical, Sports, Literature, Management etc. Students & Faculties from various colleges across the country are invited to be a part of this festival. The Campus is lively these three days with thousand of participants, with their true enthuthiasm, participating in the various events. Some of the events like Kavi Samelan, Robotron, Fashion Show, Dance Competetion, Coding, Gaming etc. are the heart & soul of the event. Panache, over the years, has been honoured by the auspicious presence of dignitaties visiting the Campus on the eve of the fest. Some of the distinguished personalities who have honoured us by their gracious presence include Pawani Pandey, Suresh Albela, and previous year Celebrities like Millinad Gaba, Akil, Parmish Verma and Sunburn’s DJ O2B, DJ Akshat Panwar & DJ Trone etc

Fresh Chill

Fresh Chill – VGU’s legitimate on-paper Fresher Party for the new additions to the VGU Family i.e. the 1st year students. The party is generally organized by the 2nd year students for the new incoming batch. The party includes various cultural events followed by a lunch exclusively organized for the new entrants.


Pratishtha is the annual sports fest of Vivekananda global university VGU organized by students representative committee. Pratishtha is the largest sports fest of region , it witness more then 300 National teams & participation of more then 500 universities. its a 7 day long event with more them 50 outdoor & 30 indoor games.
prathishtha has given and nurtured many national & international players out of it for many sports.


E-Week marks the celebration of entrepreneurship spirit of students. With students putting in efforts round the year to fulfill their entrepreneurial desires, it gives them a platform to showcase their efforts and even rewards them for the same. It is a week-long event where the entrepreneurial flame is enlightened to a whole new level and the entrepreneurial awareness is spread across various communities.


Sayonara -Our Farewell party for the outgoing batch i.e. the final year students. The pre-final year students host the party. The final year students are facilitated by various honours like Mr. Talented, Ms. Talented, Mr. Handsome, Ms. Handsome, Mr. Technical, Ms. Technical, Mr. Placement, Ms. Placement etc. followed by a cultural evening and a dinner hosted for the outgoing batch.


Vivekotsav is celebrated every year on the eve of Swami Vivekananda’s Birth anniversary. Students are enlightened with great vision and various teachings of Swami Vivekananda by eminent speakers.
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