Department of Journalism and Mass Communication


The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication wasestablished in 2020 to train students for careers in the fields of communication and journalism, Public Relations, Advertising, Digital Media and other related areas. It offers 3-year BJMC and 2-year MJMC program besides Doctoral program in journalism and mass communication.

The Mass Communication program strives to respond to the aspirations of the country as a vibrant global media hub by providing up-to-date curriculum which reflects the pace of advances in the field of mass media and is in sync with the changing needs of the industry. The program creates a student-centered bilingual learning environment that merges practical with theoretical knowledge. The students develop their critical thinking abilities and acquire professional competencies by engaging in a hands-on, technologically and practically attuned learning environment which addresses the needs of the mass media industries in the society. The department educates and trains students in the areas of print, electronic, photography and online journalism.The faculty and students engage in research, professional development, creative and service activities for the benefit of the multicultural societies. The department also focuses on the personality and skill development of students.

The students are required to write reports, news stories, columns, articles and features in the University’s monthly newsletter ‘Media Space’ reflecting their scholarly and independent thoughts.

The Department of Mass Communication is poised to become a vibrant center for mass communication and journalism education. Through curricular, extra-curricular, and internship activities, the department will help students build a broad understanding of the role of our discipline in society. The Mass Communication program will provide students with a clear understanding of the field of Mass Communication while allowing for the acquisition of an in-depth understanding of one area of specialization such as Print/Online Journalism, Strategic Communication, and Broadcast/ Online Journalism.


Program Outcome and Program Specific Outcomes

Program Outcome

  • Knowledge: Acquire knowledge and skills in the field of Media, Marketing, Communications, Photography and Filmmaking
  • Identification and Analysis of Concepts: To enable learners to identify and analyse the concepts studied during the course
  • Critical Thinking: To gain conceptual and theoretical knowledge of Journalism and Mass Communication and learn to think critically about the issues and topics related to the subjects
  • Industry Acumen: Know the tools and techniques of media industry and meet the specific requirements of media and communication industry
  • Ethics: Apply ethically gained knowledge to make good professionals with positive attitude
  • Individual and teamwork: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings
  • Cultivating values for learning: Identify the need for inculcating values for life-long learning needed for future growth
  • Awareness of Socio-Economic-Cultural-Political Issues: Understand the Social, Economic, Cultural and Political issues of the country to be an efficient media professional
  • Environment and Sustainability: Identify the importance of environment and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development
  • Skills and Aptitude: Take informed actions after identifying the norms, accuracy and validity from different perspectives

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • Outline and interpret the concept, principles and practices of Media Industry
  • Demonstrate critical skills in understanding media issues locally & globally and fast changing technology of Media Communication
  • Summarize the working, management and leadership skills through internship training
  • Acquire practical skills relevant to print & broadcast Industry, social media and digital platforms

Faculty List

Name of the faculty
1 Gauri Sharma B.Arch Assistant Professor
2 Nitin Jaiswal M.B.A Assistant Professor
3 Utkarsh Mishra MJMC Assistant Professor
4 Sanjay Pandey Ph.D Associate Professor