Entrepreneurship support Center at VGU

“A Legacy of contribution toward nation”

“Entrepreneurship is the necessity of tomorrow.”

We really stand by this motto. In the past few years we have seen many companies overtaking the market such as facebook, uber, ola etc. and one thing about all of these Major brands is that they started as a “START UP”. To prepare our students, we have taken an initiative to teach the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as we don’t want our students to stay dependent on other companies for jobs. Rather than creating EMPLOYEES, we believe in creating EMPLOYERS. Till now we have incubated 10+ successful startups and each one started by our own students. We have an in campus incubation center and we have different collaboration programs with organizations such as NEN Wadhwani foundation, Startup oasis etc.  We are proud to say that we are a part of this entrepreneurial  revolution.

VGU Entrepreneurship Cell

Vgu has been providing incubation to all kinds micro, small and medium enterprises and is counted in one of the only MSME incubators. The incubation part makes us feel very proud about ourselves as we are playing an important in creating a path to budding startups and entrprenuers.

Incubation Centres at VGU

Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC) -VGU

Atal Community Innovation Centre (ACIC), a new initiative under Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), is directed to encourage the spirit of innovation through solution driven design thinking to serve the society. It will focus on underserved/unserved regions of the country which at present lack a vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem. We at VGU are proud to say that Atal Community innovation center is in collaboration with VGU to provide every solution for entrepreneurial needs.


ENTRPRENUERSHIP CELL DEVLOPMENT. We have a dedicated cell to work on development of students in the field of entrepreneurship. The ENTRPRENUERSHIP cell works on providing knowledge about upcoming trends in the field. The E-Cell is one of the most active cells which provides its members with full support in every kind of idea building. From idea generation to incubation every help is provided to a potential entrepreneur.

VGU-Rural Technology business Incubator (VGU-RTBI)

VGU-RTBI is the domain of vgu incubation center specifically for the advancement of rural technology related start ups and ideas. VGU has a great range of Agriculture students who are working day and night to bring new revelations in the field of rural technology. We have already incubated many ideas in the same field.