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The FACULTY OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES at VGU is an excellent centre for teaching and research headed by quality faculty members. With its varied range of research interests and expertise it promotes interdisciplinary work in humanities and social sciences, offering projects, supervision and fellowships aimed to attract students and researchers from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds.

The CENTRE FOR PUBLIC POLICY AND DEVELOPMENT is created with an objective of achieving excellence in the pursuit and knowledge in public policy and development. The Centre focuses on connecting the role of State in poverty, inequality and human development issues both nationally and globally. The vision of the Centre is to develop a new class of professionals on design and management of public policy with skills to design solutions to India’s policy and development challenges.


Why Humanities?

Humanities Honors make the student pursue further graduation work in the humanity disciplines for teaching in public and private schools, government, technology, tourism and civil or foreign service. On the other hand thinking about the Humanities Department as a whole, it offers classes that expand students awareness to the human condition, thus the scope of humanities is huge.

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contrary to the belief, humanities offers a vast range of career options for students. Students who have completed their graduation in arts can opt for a variety of careers in humanities ranging from Assistant Administrative Officer, to Content Editors to Librarian. Careers in Arts are no longer the lesser cousins of careers after studying science or commerce. Careers in Social science are as lucrative and prestigious career options as their engineering and medical counterparts.

800+ Placed

and Counting.....


  • I would describe the Vivekananda Global University as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the school’s reputation and my career goals.
    Dhruv Bansal
    BA IR
  • Success was a phenomena in my mind which I wanted to strive for, before I came to Vivekananda Global University. And it was made apparent here by the guidance of the mentors, my hardwork and fate that I flew high to the right direction from where I was founded.
    Yakubu sabo bala
    International relations

40 LPA

Highest Package

10 LPA

Offered by
40+ MNC’s


Offered by
160+ MNC’s

Message from Centre head

Department of Humanities
I am happy to share about the University Institute of Engineering  with all of you. an integrated part of Vivekananda Global University, aims at fulfilling the need for a world-class institution providing exceptionally trained human resources in contemporary areas of Management & Technology. It shall be seen as a focused approach to develop human & intellectual capital in the latest areas of technology & management impacting economies.
– Dr. Praveen Choudhary
: +91 99298 03302
: dms@vgu.ac.in
Doctorial Programme



  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with smart classrooms and laboratories equipped with latest equipment.
  • Best Faculties from various organisations/institutions – full time faculty teach most classes and there is a strong bond and a high level of interaction between faculty and students.
  • Conducive environment for teaching and learning using modern tools

Awards and Recognition

  • Students participated in many state and national level sports events in which they bagged first position in Kabaddi at BITS Pilani.
  • The faculty members have participated in the PANACHE XII where they bagged first position in Football and Kabaddi.
  • Most of the Faculty members are Ph.D qualified.
  • Field visit, training, agriculture exhibition on regular basis.

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Prof. Vijay Vir Singh

President, VGU

Mr. Pushpendra Singh

Assistant Professor

Dr. Suman Paliwal

Associate Professor

Ms. Rajni Sekhri

Visiting Faculty


Visiting Faculty

Dr.Boola Choudhary

Visiting Faculty

Ms.Sheila Rai

Visiting Faculty

Dr.Raka Singh

Visiting Faculty

Collaboration and MOU