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The Department of Allied Healthcare Sciences is concerned with the study of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Allied Healthcare Sciences covers many subjects which try to explain how human body works, starting with the basic biology, it is generally divided into areas of specialization such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and genetics. Students and practitioners of Allied Healthcare Sciences also recognize the importance of ‘The Mind Body Connection’ and nutrition. This department also focuses on the implementation of most recent rehabilitation and diagnostic procedures. The mission of the Department of Allied Healthcare Sciences is to develop the human and technical resources needed to meet the future medical needs and challenges in the field of rehabilitation and diagnostics. This includes developing practitioners, academicians and researchers for positions of leadership in private and government sectors.




A venture to accomplish a synergetic association of information, knowledge, Skills, expertise and innovation, to be an internationally responsive and socially cognizant Institute which is focused on prepping profoundly gifted, imaginative experts by applying most recent exploration, assessments, master directing power, hands-on preparing and ideal use of assets.



  1. To acquire adequate knowledge of basic medical and allied health subjects and to develop skills and knowledge of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory, Radio-Imaging, Optometry, Operation Theatre Technologies so that they can work as a rehabilitation treatment team member and to coordinate with other team members and also to provide diagnostic and therapeutic management of various medical and surgical conditions.
  2. To acquire skills in management, research and teaching in various fraternities in the department as well as guidance and counseling of patients.
  3. To acquire proper attitude for compassion and concerns for patients and welfare of needy in the community.
  4. To practice moral and ethical values, evidence-based practice with regard to allied health therapies and paramedical technologies.



About Faculty of Medical Sciences

Medical courses offered in various specializations including medical and biomedical sciences, allied health and fitness. A course in medicine and health sciences requires students to learn and abide by the Hippocratic Oath for ethical conduct which says, that as a medical practitioner a person needs to practice arts and science of medicine honestly in all aspects i.e. patient care, teaching and research

Why Medical Science?

Healthcare is one of the largest service sector comprising hospitals, medical equipment, clinical procedures, 
Students holding a degree in medical and health science will get career opportunities from Hospitals, Private clinics in the healthcare sector. A medical and health science graduate can work with Government Hospitals, Corporate Hospitals,Research Centers, entrepreneurs, NGO’s, health insurance research centres, laboratories, and Pharmaceuticals Industry.


  • The program provides a high-quality academic education, intensive training in relevant clinical environments, and the chance to study with expert physiotherapists and leading researchers
  • Students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to practice as a physiotherapist, using exercise, movement analysis, manual therapy and specialist techniques to restore, improve and promote health
  • Students will study the biomedical and behavioural sciences (anatomy, biomechanics, kinesiology, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, psychology, radiology, sociology) and lay the foundations for physiotherapy practice and research
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students will have a standard of knowledge, skills and technical competency appropriate for an entry-level practitioner in physiotherapy
  • Faculty upgradation system ensuring active participation in regular workshops, seminars and lecture series held in the University on a regular basis.

To conduct regular mentor – mentee meetings i.e. at least one in a month. Compliance to all applicable norms, guidelines and regulations

[su_heading size=”25″ align=”left”]Medical Science as a Career[/su_heading]

There is no other profession in the world that gets as much respect as a doctor. A doctor treats and interacts with patients on a daily basis. A career as a doctor provides one an opportunity to cure patients, thus bringing happiness into the lives of the people. To enter into this profession, one must have patience, compassion, concentration, emotional strength, quick thinking, and an eye for detail.

The industry of healthcare as a whole is booming all over the world. Many corporate hospitals have come up and they have driven the growth in the industry. In India, doctors have employment opportunities in both the government and private sector. Some of the top sectors that require a doctor are mentioned below:

  • Multi-speciality Hospitals and Nursing homes
  • Primary Health Centers
  • Schools and embassies as consultants
  • Armed Forces
  • Railways
  • NGOs
  • Academics
  • Hospitals (Private and Government)
  • Research Areas
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Industries

800+ Placed

and Counting.....


  • I would describe the Vivekananda Global University as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the school’s reputation and my career goals.

    Vaibhav Sharma student
    Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Success was a phenomena in my mind which I wanted to strive for, before I came to Vivekananda Global University. And it was made apparent here by the guidance of the mentors, my hardwork and fate that I flew high to the right direction from where I was founded. 

    Vidya pandit
    Master's of Physiotherapy

40 LPA

Highest Package

10 LPA

Offered by
40+ MNC’s


Offered by
160+ MNC’s

Message From Dean

Department of Medical Sciences

At the Faculty of Medical Sciences at VGU students are expected to have an enriching and life-turning experience which will enable them to reach new heights in their professional life. We foster sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge base in our students through various extra-curricular, co-curricular and curricular activities through faculty who not only keep themselves at par with the current developments but also contribute to the expansion of the body of knowledge in their field of expertise.  With very congenial and professional environment our faculty makes substantial contribution to the academia through quality teaching, publications, seminars, conferences, etc.

Dr Bhupesh goyal
BPT, MPT (Musculoskeletal & sports), (PhD ) MIAP,NSCS,MISCS,MIRCS


  • 30+ Acres Lush green campus.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with smart classrooms and laboratories equipped with latest equipment.
  • Modern  equipments .

Awards and Recognition

  • Students participated in many state and national level sports events in which they bagged first position in Kabaddi at BITS Pilani.
  • The faculty members have participated in the PANACHE XII where they bagged first position in Football and Kabaddi.
  •  Faculty members are Well qualified & Trained.
  • Field visit, training, Internship, Projects, Seminar, Conferences on regular basis.

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Dr Himanshu Sharma

Neuro Physiotherapist


B.PT. ,M.P.T ortho, PG Diploma in Wellness Management

Certified Pre & Postnatal Physiotherapt Instructor.Rajasthan’s First Mental Health Physiotherapy Practitioner

Dr. Shalini Dixit

MPT in neurology


B.P.T., M.P.T(neurology)

certified aqua therapist
certified yoga therapist
certificate in dry needling
certificate in fitness and health

Dr. Manish Bhardwaj

M.O.T. (Neuro.), Ph. D.


M.O.T. (Neuro.), Ph. D.

M.O.T. (Neuro.), Ph. D.

Dr. Rahul Sharma





Dr Deepika kachhawa




MR Jayprakash

B.Sc. In Zoology and chemistry
M.Sc. in OTT & Anesthesia tec.


B.Sc. In Zoology and chemistry B.Sc. In OTT, Msc. in OTT & Anesthesia

Ms Amisha Sharma

Msc Optometry


Msc Optometry

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physiology Lab

Exercise & Electrotherapy Lab

Cardio & Sports Lab

Ergonomics Lab