Holistic Development

” VGU Promises a all round global holistic development, enhancing student’s academic, physical, mental, emotional & social values by day to day activities. “

In the current era, the students must know about their inner strength.  VGU believe the students need not only develop academically but also to develop the ability to survive in the modern world. The aim of holistic learning is to connect the mind, body, and spirit. It is about the development of healthy and positive relationships with their friends and family as well as social development, intellectual development, acquire leadership skills, become globally-minded and improve their emotional health.

Vivekananda Global Univerisity-VGU under community development organize the different activities outside of the classroom and encourage them to participate in ones that meet their interests. The university organizes several talks and workshops on personality development, stress management, and spiritual practice to know about the purpose of life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion, peace and role of their Heart. These activities make Vivekananda Global Univerisity-VGU as the best university in Rajasthan & North India.

Aspects Of Holistic Development At VGU


World class truly global education education is the first and most important step of holistic development.


Physical development is as important as any other aspect of education. We keep it our priority to make students participate in sports and physical activities so that they have all the opportunities to get better physical growth.


Stable & strong mind is one of the most important aspects of a students life. A sound mind is a the key to all the success in the world. We keep a good care of mental growth of our students as these are the crucial years of their lives.

Social & Emotional development

Social & Emotional development – a emotionally grown boy is far better than a physically grown man. The faculties and mentors at VGU treat the students as their family providing them emotional support & social values.


Year long academic events gives students a better platform for their all round development & networking in the field of their intrest.
students get involved in multiple academic events &  learn their own way


To learn the global values & ethics, connecting them with academics, VGU organised multiple Conferences & seminars on National & international Level to give student a global approach & networking in the field of their interest.