Vivekananda University is preparing for the 4.0 era, by creating skilled professionals to meet the new millennium workforce. The fourth industrial revolution is a combination of software, hardware that interconnects through cyber-physical systems (CPS) enabling computer-driven manufacturing systems to manufacture parts or products on-demand, direct from a digital design.
The new revolution introduces the emergence of the smart factory.  In a smart factory, a virtual cyber world will be connected with the world of physical reality. Live data, demand, and supply, and the entire supply chains can pivot with the introduction of new products, changes in consumption, and economic fluctuation.
As a result of this new adaptation to the Industry, organizations require new professionals with a new set of skills.  Repetitive or routine jobs will disappear and that will be replaced by robots. On the contrary, new jobs will be created that will be associated with higher demands on the technical and knowledge domain. A complex problem solving, critical thinking, coordination with others, and creativity are the most important required new skills.

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VGU – Industry 4.0 program is designed to suit the latest industry adaptation to technology with cyber-physical systems that enable the bridging of digital (cyber) and physical in an industrial context to create the smart factory that exists as a part of a virtual cyber-world connected with the world of physical reality.

A new paradigm shift in the skill set requirement, knowledge base, multi-disciplinary and multi-tasking has led to the requirement of professionals who can adapt to the new era – Industry 4.0. There is a huge demand of skilled professionals to fill the gap of the global workforce for Industry 4.0.

We have carefully crafted and designed the pedagogy with new technology requirements in the field of management, science, and engineering.
The program is embedded with industry certifications and is delivered by experienced faculty and industry experts.  The curriculum emphasizes experiential learning and the students have to compulsorily do internships in the industry/shop floor as part of the curriculum.
We welcome you to the plethora of our offerings and be the change leaders for the future and secure a well-informed career path.

Dr. Dipti Kanwar
Centre Head
Assistant Professor
VGU-Industry 4.0



Unique features of Industry 4.0


Program designed with futuristic skill-based learning-focused towards Industry 4.0 requirement.

Program designed and curated with Industry practitioners and academia

Instilling and inculcating design thinking and life long learning

Program embedded with Industry Certification

Global internship opportunities across UK, Europe, Singapore and Dubai

Competency mapping and career guidance through mentors

Mentoring by highly qualified faculty and Industry expert

Access to Startup India for fostering entrepreneurship



1,500+ Placements in 100+ Companies

We continuously strive towards facilitating campus-drives where eminent companies offer the most worth-while career opportunities.



18+ LPA Milestone Packages

Our students annually avail the most lucrative jobs which offer lucrative packages in the most distinguished industries.

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