Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS used by the university facilitates teachers to collaborate and undertake projects to develop high quality digital learning materials in the form of documents, presentations, animations, audio recordings and video lectures for the students and these course materials are made available to the students through a vendor-hosted cloud system TCS iON Digital Learning (Lx) which can be accessed by students through the internet, on a computer or mobile device. Through an LMS, teachers may create and integrate course materials, articulate learning goals, align content and assessments, track studying progress, and create customized tests for students. The LMS allows the communication of learning objectives, and organize learning timelines. An LMS perk is that it delivers learning content and tools straight to learners and assessment can be automated.


Scope of Service and solution:

After completion of setup, the customer will be able to:

  • Create / Manage communities
  • Add/ manage user profiles
  • Design the community page
  • Add/Edit/ Comment on/ Manage posts
  • Create/ Manage/ launch courses
  • Create/ Manage/ Launch Assignments
  • Create/ Manage/  Launch Assessments
  • Generate reports

The solution scope includes:

  • Community Management
  • Learning Management


Community  Management

Organization Admin


·        Create Community

o   Public

o   Private

·        Users Management

o   Assign Profile

o   Assign community

o   Assign course

·        Admin & Moderator

·        Allocate Components

·        Manage Profile

·        View Invitations

·        Change Admin

·        View Organization Logs

·        View Organization Level Statistics

Community Admin


·        Profile Management

o   Add / Remove

o   Define Profile

o   Copy Profile

o   Assign Users

·        Manage Users

·        Manage User Groups

·        View Community Lev el Logs

·        User Activity Logs

·        Manage Abused Posts

Community Design


·        Detailed Member Profile

·        Configurable Landing Page

·        Community Banner

·        Community Profile

·        Custom Menus

·        Static Widget


Enabler Listing


·        Featured

·        Highest Rated

·        Most Favorited

·        Most Viewed

My Stuff


·        My Communities

·        My Posts

·        My Calendar

·        My Favorites

·        History of My Activities

Collaboration Enablers


·        Create Blog post

·        Create Byte

·        Upload Media

·        Ask a Question

·        Post an Idea

·        Schedule an Event

·        Start a Debate

·        Add User Poll

·        Conduct Survey



·        Criteria

·        Assign Criteria

·        Invite Users

Message Box


·        Invitations

·        Requests




Enabler Features


·        Permalink

·        Add to favorite

·        Add a Comment

·        Vote a Comment

·        Feature a post

·        Share via email

·        Share with roles


Learning Management



·     Course  Templates Management

·     Course  Batches Management

·     Manage Roles

o   Faculty

o   Student

o   Course Admin

·     Student Enrollment

·     Faculty Management

·     Course Catalogue

·     View Course Statistics

·     User Activity Logs


Report Management


·     Generate course reports

·     View list of students enrolled in the course

·     View number of attempts for every activity

·     View overall grades

·     View overall scores

·     View faculty feedback

·     View courses wise percentage

·     View attendance for each student

Course Design


·        Course Summary

·        Syllabus

·        Course Content

·        Course Attendance

·        Grades and Reports

·        Collaboration within Course



·        Assignments

·        Assessments

·        Interactions

Course Content


·        Manage Syllabus

·        Create Webpage/File/Text based Content

·            Upload SCORM based Content

Course Delivery Control


·        Schedule Content

·        Schedule  Assignments

·        Schedule Assessments

·        Notify Members via email

Participant Items


·        Course Dashboard

·        Course Content Player

·        My Report Card