Established along with the associated departments, VGU has a Building Material Museum, Human Anatomy Museum and a Pharmacy Museum. The Building Materials Museum is located in the academic block and was built in collaboration with many industry players. The samples in the museum are contributed by companies like Sparklite Industry Private Limited, Interior World, Finolex Pipes, King Glass House, A-Class Marbles, etc. These companies continuously support the museum by regularly donating products and catalogues to enhance the academic learning of the curriculum. It is used by students and faculty of departments of Civil Engineering, Interior Design and Architecture in order to sensitize and appraise themselves about different products available in the market related to building materials and building services like water supply, sanitation, plumbing, electrical & mechanical fittings& fixtures, insulation, acoustics, etc. The Human Anatomy Museum is located in the Technology block and is used by the students of the departments of Physiotherapy, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Life Science. It is used by the students to study about human anatomy using life size models. The museum also has advance electrotherapy modalities for treatment of various sports, orthopaedics and neurological ailments. The Pharmacy Museum is located on the fourth floor of the Technology block and is used by the students of the Department of Pharmacy to study various types of medicines available in the market. It has latest allopathic and herbal formulations arranged in informative drug display boards. It also has samples of different dosage forms, like syrups, suspensions, liquids, tablets, capsules, suppositories, eye drops, ampoules etc. for detail study of dispensing and packaging of pharmaceutical products.