Office of Chairperson

Office Of Chairperson Leads the department in developing and implementing immediate and long-range departmental goals and objectives to meet University and college goals and objectives; Leads the department in coordinating the development of a yearly plan of course offerings, including the development of the annual course schedule for each faculty member, based on the academic needs of students and in consultation with the faculty; Leads the department in coordinating the development and enhancement of departmental curricula and initiatives for the improvement of instruction; Encourages and assists faculty to improve professionally through study, research, creative activity, service and participation in professional activities; Leads the department in promoting inter-departmental cooperation and interdisciplinary initiatives; Coordinates activities within the department that go beyond the delivery of instruction, such as assessment, writing, critical thinking and diversity initiatives
From the Desk of Chairperson:

Dr. Lalit K. Panwar

VGU, Jaipur
The education arena has grown as an emerging and developing stream of new paradigm discipline in developed economies about half a century back, however, it has been seen in India during last two decades addressing the growing demand of graduate and post graduate students in corporate and public sectors. Comprehensive grooming of the incumbent is only possible if institution has an experience of running professional Institutions with excellent academic and physical infrastructure, quality education.