Office of Dean R & D

The Office of the Dean (Research and Development) drives strategic planning and provide guidance across academic and research programs, fostering new and interdisciplinary research initiatives and collaborations. Represents institute for external R&D funding agencies. Supports students for Foreign internship. Assist investigators in proposal preparation and submission, including endorsement of the Institute. Provide reports for tracking funding trends. To develop an active research culture that fosters the highest achievements, encourages. Acts as a Bridge between the Industry and Institute for Industry Sponsored Projects and Executive Development Programme. Encourage the Faculty members of the Institute for cutting edge, innovative and socially relevant research. Finding the opportunity of development of research center from Alumni Associations.
Proff (Dr.) Baldev singh
Dean Of Engineering
VGU Jaipur
+91 9785643441
Dr. Subodh Shrivastava
Associate Dean
VGU Jaipur
+91 7597783606

Contact & Information

Phone number
Prof. (Dr.) Baldev Singh
Dean, FET
(+91) 9785643441
Dr. Subodh Shrivastava
Dean R & D
Mr. Rahul Sharma
Section Officer (R&D)