Overview -(GCI)

Working on the visionary principals of Swami Vivekananda

 VGU campus encourages and nurtures the development of students’ physical, mental, emotional, secular, and spiritual parameters. VGU campus aims to develop as a sustainable and inclusive educational institute holistically, involving all tangible and intangible aspects of an organization.

VGU, as a home to students from 33 states/UTs of India and 23 countries residing at the campus hostels by virtue of demonstrations and practices supports attainment of sustainable development goals in numerous ways.

The various committees like Internal Complaints Committee, Equal Opportunity Cell, Grievance Redressal Cell work towards providing an inclusive environment to all students and employees at the campus through a policy framework and vision document enlisting code of conduct and ethics policies. Seminars and workshops are organized every semester as part of faculty development programs to sensitize and appraise the faculty members about upcoming changes.

To foster the spirit, values and ethics of Indian constitution and culture, VGU faculty, and students’ clubs regularly organize interactive sessions with legal, motivational, and spiritual experts and also celebrate Pongal, Navratri, Christmas, Gandhi Jayanti, Vivekotsava.

Availability of solar energy plant with a wheeling to the grid facility, rainwater harvesting system, and bio-gas plant contribute towards the energy efficiency efforts of VGU. A strong ecosystem to reduce, recycle and reuse has been adopted at the campus through collaborations, best out of waste workshops and awareness programs.

Regular checks and audits are taken up by the University, involving students and faculties, to emphasize and inculcate to them the technical and conceptual understanding of a green campus. VGU is a proud recipient of 4.5 star green campus certification by GEM Assocham in 2018.

VGU has a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, sustainable campus and aspires to be recognized as an institution promoting societal development through curricular and co-curricular endeavours.