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Given below is a brief introduction to the annual events organized at VGU:

Fresh Chill

Fresh Chill - VGU's legitimate on-paper Fresher Party for the new additions to the VGU Family i.e. the 1st year students. The party is generally organized by the 2nd year students for the new incoming batch. The party includes various cultural events followed by a lunch exclusively organized for the new entrants.


Sayonara - Our Farewell party for the outgoing batch i.e. the final year students. The party is hosted by the pre-final year students. The final year students are facilitated by various honours like Mr. Talented, Ms. Talented, Mr. Handsome, Ms. Handsome, Mr. Technical, Ms. Technical, Mr. Placement, Ms. Placement etc. followed by a cultural evening and a dinner hosted for the outgoing batch.


Vivekotsav is celebrated every year on the eve of Swami Vivekananda's Birth anniversary. Students are enlighted with great vision and various teachings of Swami Vivekananda by eminent speakers.


Panache - Our Technical-cum-Cultural-cum-Sports xtavanza, is a four day of true hearted celebration at our campus. The festival consists of numerous events hosted by the University in various dimensions like Cultural, Technical, Sports, Literature, Management etc. Students & Faculties from various colleges across the country are invited to be a part of this festival. The Campus is lively these four days with thousand of participants, with their true enthuthiasm, participating in the various events. Some of the events like Kavi Samelan, Fashion Show, Dance Competetion, Coding, Gaming etc. are the heart & soul of the event. Panache, over the years, has been honoured by the auspicious presence of dignitaties visiting the Campus on the eve of the fest. Some of the distinguished personalities who have honoured us by their gracious presence include Pawani Pandey, Suresh Albela, etc.


E-Week marks the celebration of entrepreneurship spirit of students. With students putting in efforts round the year to fulfill their entrepreneurial desires, E-Week - hosted by Wadhwani Foundation's National Entrepreneurship Network(WF-NEN), gives them a platform to showcase their efforts and even rewards them for the same. It is a week long event where the entrepreneurial flame is enlighted to a whole new level and the entrepreneurial awareness is spread across various communities like School students, villages, social media etc.

Khoj Prayas

Khoj Prayas is our event which aims to create a platform for various scholars to come forward & showcase their research & study by presenting it to fellow scholars. The white papers are published in our Research Journal "Khoj".

National Project Exhibition

National Project Exhibition is a National-level Project Exhibition seminar which provides a plaform to various students to showcase their talent by exhibiting their projects in front of renowned professors & dignitaries. The input given by the dignitaries also guide them in taking their project work to a new dimension.

Tree Plantation Day

Tree Plantation Day is celebrated as an initiative of giving back to the nature who provides us with various resources without asking for anything. Tree's are planted in prominent areas of the city to make it more Greener & as an effort to make it pollution-free.

Blood Donation Day

The VSSA club organizes Blood Donation Camps on October 01, every year in the college with the State Center of Red Cross Society of India and motivates young people to donate their blood for the cause of humanity. More than 400 students and faculty members donated blood during the last Camp organised on 1st Oct 2014. Students also visit old age homes, homes for mentally retarded, organize awareness campaigns in villages. A wing of VSSA is Eco- Friends Club.
The Eco-friends club has been established to instil awareness about the environment. Members of the club strive to promote eco-friendly habits not only in the college but also among the masses. The members of the club regularly organise tree plantation actiVGUies in and around the Campus and also in residential colonies of Jaipur city.

Hostel Night

Hostel Night is a festival aimed at nurturig talents within the hostellites.

Independance Day

Independence Day is celebrated on 15th of August every year, with the entire campus singing rhythms of patriotism. Chief guest along with other key stake holders of the campus hoist the flag, followed by true inspiration stories/speeches. A small cultural program, to mark the spirit of all those you lost their lives to give us Independence, is also arranged.

Republic Day

Republic Day is celebrated every year in the campus with great enthusiasm. Tricolor is hosted and NCC students do a march past. Eminent speakers and guest are invited for hoisting the flag. Inspiration & Motivational speeches of various dignitaries adds to the spirit of the students and staff.

Annual Seminar/Conferences

Given below is a brief introduction to the various conferences organized at VGU:


The Conference proposes to bring together experts, researchers, faculties, students and the leaders of industries for sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field related to Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Five editions of "Computatia" has been successfully hosted by VGU, the 5th being held on 18th & 19th of March, 2016. The Conference experienced all round paricipation from various authors across the nation.


The objective of Recent Advancements in Power Systems Engineering (RAPSE) is to encompass all the issues related to power system right from planning, installation to operation and control. The Conference proposes to bring together experts, researchers, faculties, students and the leaders of industries for sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field related to Power Systems.


Micro & Nano Electronic Systems & Devices(MINO)'s 4th national conference was hosted by VGU on 18th & 19th of March 2016. The aim of the conference is to review the recent progress in understanding the science & technology of such devices and systems, facilitate exchange of new ideas and explore emerging directions both in basic sciences and technological applications of such devices and systems.
Recently, scientific activities are on surge on the nano-materials or even on commercial products available in the market called nano-products. Nano materials show peculiar properties which cannot be explained adequately with the present day knowledge. So, the increase in the research activities and the consequent enthusiasm is on the rise day-by-day. New fields such as Nano-optics, Nano-magnetics, and Nano-electronics are at the horizon highlighting many important issues involved in the preparation and applications of these usefu devices and systems. The conference aims to covers such new areas of relevance.


The aim of the conference is to review the recent advancement in understanding the science and technology, facilitate exchange of new ideas and explore emerging directions both in basic sciences and technological applications of Electronics, Signal Processing, and Communication Technologies.


This is

World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated every year in the University as an awareness campaign against the increasing scarcity of water in the world. Students take pleadges to save water in order to save the universe and help many thoe you are stil deprived of water in the 21st Century.