Programs offered in 2016-17

Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Faculty of Management

Department of Agriculture

  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Agriculture AGR2HAG



Department of Chemistry

  • Bachelor of Science BSC2BS
  • Bachelor of Science(Hons) Chemistry BSC2CH
  • Master of Science – Chemistry MSC3CH

Department of Mathematics

  • Bachelor of Science(Hons) Mathematics BSC2MH
  • Master of Science – Mathematics MSC3MH

Department of Physics

  • Bachelor of Science(Hons ) Physics BSC2PH
  • Master of Science – Physics MSC3PH

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Bachelor of Technology – Civil Engineering TEC2CE
  • Master of Technology – Civil Engineering TEC3CE

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Bachelor of Technology – Computer Science and Engineering TEC2CS
  • Master of Technology – Computer Science and Engineering TEC3CS

Department of Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Technology Electrical Engineering TEC2EE
  • Master of Technology – Electrical Engineering TEC3EE

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering TEC2ME
  • Bachelor of Technology – Robotics Engineering TEC2RB
  • Master of Technology – Mechanical Engineering TEC3ME

Department of Management Studies

  • Bachelors in Business Administration MGT2BB
  • Master of Business Administration MGT3MB
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