Regulatory Committees

Universities are empowered to appoint committees that act as consultative and advisory bodies on matters relating to administrative policies and programs. The committee system is an effective and efficient tool in achieving university goals. The primary purpose of a committee is to consider and recommend actions and propose policies in the functional areas under their jurisdictions.

Faculty Boards:

 It recommends to the Academic Council course(s) of study, curricula and scheme(s) of examination, prepared by the Board of Studies in accordance with the provisions of regulatory bodies.


Board of Studies:

It is constituted for each subject or group of subjects. Its main function is to recommend courses of study, curricula and scheme of examinations in its respective subject(s).


Research Board:

It is responsible to maintain quality and relevance of research in the University.


Publication Board:

It undertakes publication of the University Journal, results of post-graduate studies and research any other work, literary or scientific, considered suitable by the Academic Council.


Examination Board:

It undertakes all matters relating to conduct of exams and publication of results.

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