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Green House

Established in 2016 by VGU and expanded in the year 2020 through government funding under ASPIRE scheme, Greenhouse facilities presently cover a land area of around 2 acres which has a Polyhouse spread over 2,760 sq. meters space and a Net house spread over 2,809 sq. meters space. The greenhouse serves as a live classroom & laboratory and supports faculty & students for learning & research, related to horticulture, agriculture engineering and agronomy. Automated systems for ventilation, heating, irrigation and fertilization, heat and shading screens have been installed in the greenhouse. It is equipped with modern tools, equipment, carriage vehicles and culturing tools, in addition to commonly used containers, soil mixes, tools, fertilizers, and labels. The facilities at the greenhouse include Drip irrigation system and Shade net system to maintain temperature and to control insects and pest. Hydroponics is used for learning and research on new species of vegetables at the VGU greenhouse