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Media Lab

Established in 2019 the media centre at VGU consists of a separate Audio Lab, Video Recording Lab and a Photography Studio.


The Photography lab is located in the Academic block and covers around 60 sq. meter space. The lab is part of the Design department and is utilized extensively by the students for their curricular and documentation works. The photography lab is equipped with latest technology likeCanon 200D and Mark 6D Camera, etc and facilitates product and fashion product portfolio / catalogue development.

The Audio Lab is located at the second floor of the Academic block and is part of the Journalism and Mass Communication department. It has cutting edge equipment like Yamha 10 channel audio console, Ahuja  Laple lavaliere microphone, etc. The facilities can be used by students of all departments for idea dissemination, research work documentation and other activities.

The Video Lab is located in the Technology block and is part of the Engineering department. It is well equipped and available to all students and faculties of all departments. The lab is used for making promotional videos for business, video cataloguing, making short movies, developing video lectures for academic delivery and facilitating teaching.