Vivekananda Global University always encourages scholarly aptitude and merit in students. University considers award of scholarship based on provable merit of the enrolled students. The objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the lower economic income group and meritorious students of the University to enable them to pursue their higher education. The policy considers award of scholarship/ free ship to meritorious students in each discipline every academic year. The scholarship committee instituted by the university is the final authority to scrutinize the application and recommend the names of eligible candidate for the award of scholarship. The President shall be the final authority of approve. Any change to the policy can be made only with the prior approval of the President.


Various categories to offer scholarship will include the following:

Institutional Scholarship

Merit Based Scholarship






Marks scored in Qualifying Examination
Scholarship offered


Equivalent CGPA

part of academic fee




75 % & Above




  • Merit basedscholarship will be applicable for the complete duration of the course, unless stated otherwise in the admission letter.

  • Merit scholarship is offered only as part of academic fee and is not applicable to any other component of the fee structure.


Alumni Based Scholarships

  • All alumni of our institutes i.e., SKIT/VGU, VIT, VIT-East and MEC, Bikaner will get scholarship of 25% in academic fee; female student will get extra 5%
  • All Staff members of our institutes i.e., VTS-Jaipur/Nagaur/Bikaner, VIT, SKIT, VIT-East, VGU, MEC and SKIP-Bikaner, who have completed two years in the group will get 30% scholarship on academic fee, no other benefit or concession will be granted.
  • A scholarship holder under this scheme will not avail any other scholarship/stipend for pursuing the programme.


Sports Scholarship:   


If either State Champion or has participated at recognized National/ All India Inter-University (AIU) level sports competitions.

20% on tuition fees


If won Silver/Bronze Medal at recognized National/ All India Inter-University (AIU) level sports competitions.

30% on tuition fees


If won Gold Medal at National /All India Inter- University (AIU) level sports competitions.

40% on tuition fees



Government Scholarship

A. Central Government






B. Rajasthan Government






C. Others


Student can avail any 1(one) category of the above listed applicable scholarship onl, however more categories may be added.

Category wise amount of scholarship will be notified through the office order issued from Registrar office. The scheme will be announced every year latest by 31st March and application will be received from the concerned faculties.


Conditions for Scholarship:


  1. Financial assistance will be given to pursue diploma/degree/certificate programs offered by VGU.


  1. Students who get admission to VGU pursue any program, on the basis of competitive examination or such students who have not less than 60% marks at higher secondary/graduation level. Selection of these students will be done strictly on merit basis.


  • Continuation of the scholarship in subsequent years will depend on the condition that the student scores at least 75% marks (A Grade) in the program during the preceding year.


  1. A scholarship holder under this scheme will not avail any other scholarship/stipend for pursuing the program.


  1. After scrutinizing the applications, the committee will prepare a consolidated budget for all eligible students and send an application to the Vice Chairperson / President for release of fund for distribution of scholarship giving the details of each students viz. name, permanent address, telephone number, annual course fee, name of faculty, whether hostler of day-scholar, program name etc.


  1. 30% scholarship will be reserved for girls which is transferable to male student in case of non-availability of female candidates in that faculty.


  • The scheme will be evaluated at regular intervals.


Other Conditions for the Award


  1. The scholarship is dependent on the satisfactory progress and conduct of the scholar. If it is reported by the Head of the Department at any time that a student has by reasons of his/her own act of default failed to make satisfactory progress or has been guilty of misconduct such aresorting to orparticipating in strikes, irregularity in attendance without the permission of the authorities concerned etc., the Vice Chairperson/ President may either cancel the scholarship or stop or with hold further payment for such period as it may think fit.


  1. If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statement, his/her scholarship will be cancelled forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid will be recovered. The student concerned will be blacklisted and debarred for scholarship in any scheme forever.
  • A scholarship awarded may be cancelled if the scholar changes the subject of the course of study for which the scholarship was originally awarded.


  1. A scholar is liable to refund the scholarship amount if during thecourse of the year, the studies for which the scholarship has been awarded, is discontinued by him/her.


  1. The regulations can be changed at any time at the discretion of the University.



Procedure for Applying


  1. An application for scholarship should comprise:


  1. Application for scholarship.


  • One copy of the passport size photograph with signatures of the student thereon (for fresh scholarship).


  1. One attested copy of certificates, diploma, degree etc. in respect of all examinations passed.


  1. A receipt in acknowledgement of the scholarship in the previous year on the form attached to the application duly counter-signed by the Head of Faculty concerned, if the applicant was in receipt of a scholarship under the scheme in the preceding year.


  1. Application complete in all respects shall be submitted to the Head of the Faculty