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Why Recruit From VGU?

Why Recruit From VGU?

Vivekananda Global University keenly focuses on the overall development of the students. It has an extensive and intricately thought vision which helps us to set high standards for their excellence.

The following points best explains why a student from VGU is different from others in the market:

  • VGU conducts various National tour programs as part of the curriculum and study programmes in reputed international universities for bright students.
  • Has tie-ups with leading research institutes across industries around the globe.
  • We conduct various industry interactive sessions, workshops, seminars, paper presentations, and quizzes as part of the teaching methodology. It helps students to understand the complex techniques in simple and easy ways.
  • Our main focus is on entrepreneurship, R & D and application-based learning.
  • VGU is the only university in India that offers a fully flexible credit based system.
  • You can always fulfill the credit requirements by participating in inter-departmental courses.
  • Assessments are conducted to understand the knowledge level of the students. The evaluation basis is - a total weightage of 40%, with 20% for mid term and 40% for end term exams. The examinations are so formed that they test understanding and application of the knowledge gained, rather than the memory.
  • We give weak students option to repeat courses in summers and the bright students can always participate in extra graduate courses to graduate earlier.
  • The complete learning management system is based on world class digital reference material with completely simulated lectures that are made available anytime, anywhere.
  • Our classrooms have lively ambience which iis complemented by the web, the university intranet and various learning resources. All these amenities are available to the students on round-the-clock basis.
  • The campus of VGU is fully wi-fi and the architecture in the premises is extra-ordinary.
  • We offer various sports facilities like Gymnasium area, basketball and volleyball courts. We arrange sessions for training in foreign languages and various personality development programs.