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First of all I thanks to all VIT Family, The supportive faculty here helped me pertain various aspects of marketing dynamics and apply the same in real life. What has been the most influential for my career were the internship opportunities and course offerings. I had a chance to interview with the most prestigious companies, which may not have been possible had I not joined this Campus. If I had to sum up my education and stay at VGU, I’d say it was the most academically rewarding experience I’ve ever had.

Mr. Saurabh Fageria
Financial officer, Honeywell, Sydney

I greatly appreciate the caliber, diligence and enthusiasm of professors at VIT Campus. They are committed to both theory and practice. You are given a number of case studies to work on and you’re encouraged to ask as many questions as you can. Guest lectures and seminars are organized on a regular basis and the students get to train with highly qualified professionals to gain a better, clearer view of the professional world. Studying at this Campus has been the biggest stepping stone to where I am now.

Mr. Janak Arora
Digital Consultant, France

- I enjoyed the walks to and from the VIT Campus every morning. I feel that a true hub of education is where you encourage students to be all-rounders and VIT gave me exactly that. There were a number of activities held, such as the E-Week & Panache, so we weren’t homesick very often and I also got to participate (and win) in the sports competitions that were organized all year. The friendly environment campus is a good place for the students to relax and take a break from studying.I think my experience at VIT helped me develop in every field and every aspect of life. Be it education, be it sports or be it any extra-curricular activity.

Akash Singh Rathore
Commandent Pilot Captain

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at VIT and it has prepared me for my career in myriad of ways. Its important to find passion in what you engage with. in order for it to lead to a path of success, because being in a program you dislike will not contribute positively nor will it encourage you to succeed. I am excited to see what opportunities are in store for me and how my career will advance.

Ankit Goyal
IES officer

I was always a keen participant in all sports activities held at VIT Campus. Besides being an NCC Cadet, I always enthusiastically offered to lead the various events at VIT. One thing that’s truly important in any kind of education is the amount of exposure you get. With the extracurricular activities that our teachers always encouraged us to participate in, I represented my Campus in a lot of other colleges. It was at VIT that I learned true sportsmanship.

Anisha Singh
Sub Lieutenant, Indian Navy

My time at VIT Campus has prepared me for challenges handling a business by instilling a critical analysis approach to problem-solving and an appreciation of multi-disciplinary pedagogy. I would recommend pursuing a degree course of your choice at VGU because the faculty makes maximum efforts to realize your full potential. Your peers are diverse and interesting and come from all walks of life and life experiences. VGU has grown and changed, yes, but even after all these years, its ethos has remained the same.

Anirudh Sharma
CEO, Mr. Repair

I was first attracted to VITs education because of the reviews U read regarding being very hands on, not just training. I’m glad I went through the program because I literally enjoyed every aspect of the course. My time at VIT truly changed who I am and who I want to become professionally and personally. The culture at VIT fostered the sharing of ideas, critical decisions and collaboration among students and faculty across a wide range of interests. I think its rare to find a large group of people with entirely different methodological and theoretical backgrounds enthusiastically discuss a common topic. And at VIT, that happened every week. Students were encouraged to explore and experiment which allowed each student to find his/ her niche of interest. Every single student’s intellectual potential was fully explored owing to the rigorous training and constant membership one gets from the university.

Aman Jain
CEO, Nirmaan Services
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