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BET Corporate Office

  • Led by Er. Onkar Bagaria, the Corporate Office of Bagaria Education Trust stands as the central pillar supporting the multifaceted functioning of its esteemed university. Established with a vision to not only maintain but also elevate its collaboration with industry, corporates, and government agencies, the Corporate Office serves as a dynamic nexus of academia and practical application. Through strategic divisional structuring and a commitment to excellence, it effectively channels resources and expertise to drive educational innovation and societal impact.

  • Skill Development Division

    Aligned with the foundational principle of giving back to society, the Skill Development Division of Bagaria Education Trust stands as a beacon of hope for rural unemployed youths across India. Guided by a vision of inclusive growth and sustainable development, this division partners with various government agencies and schemes to implement skill development programs tailored to the needs of underserved communities. Currently operating in the states of Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, and the UT of Jammu and Kashmir, it aims to equip youths with the necessary skills to secure a livelihood for themselves and their families. Some of the key objectives & functions of the department are:-
    • Holistic Approach to Skill Development: Understanding the multifaceted challenges faced by rural youths, the Skill Development Division adopts a holistic approach to skill enhancement. It not only focuses on imparting technical skills relevant to local industries but also emphasizes soft skills development, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship training. By addressing the diverse needs of participants, the division ensures comprehensive empowerment that transcends mere employment opportunities.
    • Strategic Partnerships for Impact: Collaboration lies at the heart of the division's success. Leveraging partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, and community organizations, it maximizes the reach and effectiveness of its programs. By tapping into existing infrastructure and resources, the division optimizes the delivery of skill development initiatives, reaching even the most remote corners of the target regions. Through these strategic alliances, it fosters a culture of collective action and shared responsibility towards societal upliftment.
    • Customized Programs for Local Contexts: Recognizing the unique socio-economic dynamics of each region, the Skill Development Division tailors its programs to suit local contexts. It undertakes programmes that suits the local youths. The division ensures that training modules are relevant, practical, and aligned with local industries and market demands.
    • Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities: At its core, the Skill Development Division is not just about imparting skills; it's about transforming lives and revitalizing communities. By providing marginalized youths with opportunities for skill acquisition and economic independence, it breaks the cycle of poverty and dependency. The division empowers individuals to become agents of change within their communities, fostering a ripple effect of prosperity and social cohesion.
    • Future Endeavors: As the Skill Development Division of Bagaria Education Trust continues its journey of empowerment, it remains committed to expanding its reach and impact. Through continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast dedication to its founding principles, the division aspires to uplift countless more lives, catalyzing sustainable development and inclusive growth across the nation.

    In essence, the Skill Development Division embodies the ethos of Bagaria Education Trust, translating its commitment to social responsibility into tangible actions that uplift the most vulnerable segments of society. Through skill empowerment, it paves the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for rural youths and their communities.

  • Research & Development Division

    At the heart of innovation lies the Research & Development Division, which fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and inquiry within the Trust. Through robust research initiatives spanning diverse disciplines, this division facilitates ground-breaking discoveries and advancements. It provides faculty and students with the resources and support needed to pursue innovative research projects, thereby contributing to the global body of knowledge and addressing pressing societal challenges.

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division

    At Bagaria Education Trust, the commitment to societal betterment extends beyond traditional avenues of employment. Guided by the belief that true empowerment lies in the ability to create opportunities, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division stands as a testament to the Trust's unwavering dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among its students and the broader community.
    • Empowering Creators of Livelihood: The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division of Bagaria Education Trust operates on the principle that sustainable livelihoods are not merely found but created. By equipping individuals with the skills, resources, and mindset necessary to innovate and embark on entrepreneurial ventures, the division empowers them to chart their own paths to success. It goes beyond providing job opportunities to instilling the confidence and capability to generate employment opportunities for oneself and others.
    • Atal Community Innovation Centre: A significant milestone in the Trust's pursuit of fostering grassroots innovation is the establishment of India's first Atal Community Innovation Centre within its campus. This centre serves as a dynamic hub where ideas are nurtured, refined, and transformed into impactful solutions to local challenges. By providing access to state-of-the-art facilities, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, the centre catalyzes innovation at the grassroots level, empowering individuals to become agents of change in their communities.
    • Cultivating a Culture of Innovation: At Bagaria Education Trust, innovation isn't just encouraged; it's embedded within the fabric of campus life. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division collaborates with faculty, students, and industry partners to create an environment that fosters creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking. Through hackathons, workshops, and innovation challenges, it stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration and nurtures a culture of curiosity and exploration.
    • Supporting Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Recognizing the transformative potential of entrepreneurship, the division provides comprehensive support to budding entrepreneurs within the Trust's ecosystem. From ideation and business plan development to funding assistance and market access, aspiring entrepreneurs receive guidance at every stage of their journey. The division facilitates connections with investors, mentors, and industry experts, ensuring that entrepreneurial ventures are not only launched but also scaled for sustained success.
    • Driving Economic Growth and Social Impact:The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division of Bagaria Education Trust is not solely focused on financial gains; it is equally committed to driving positive social impact. By fostering innovations that address pressing societal challenges, such as healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability, the division empowers entrepreneurs to create solutions that benefit communities at large. It exemplifies the Trust's ethos of education for societal welfare, where innovation is harnessed as a force for positive change.
    • Continuing the Journey of Innovation:As the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division of Bagaria Education Trust continues its journey, it remains steadfast in its mission to nurture the next generation of innovators and changemakers. Through sustained efforts to promote creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, the division aims to leave a lasting legacy of innovation-driven growth and social transformation.

    In essence, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Division epitomizes Bagaria Education Trust's vision of education as a catalyst for individual empowerment and societal progress. By cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, it ensures that the Trust's legacy extends far beyond the confines of its campus, inspiring generations to innovate, create, and leave a meaningful impact on the world.

  • Consultancy Division

    The Consultancy Division at Bagaria Education Trust serves as a dynamic liaison between the academic realm and the practical world, leveraging the expertise of its faculty members and students to address real-world challenges across various sectors. Committed to maximizing the impact of its knowledge resources, the division collaborates with government, semi-government, and private entities to undertake consultancy projects spanning a diverse range of fields. The Consultancy Division's vibrancy is exemplified by its role as a Technical Agency to the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India, under the SFURTI scheme. Through this partnership, the division has engaged numerous students and faculty members in a wide range of domains, assisting local implementing agencies in preparing Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) and implementing projects. This collaborative effort not only supports local economic development but also enriches the learning experiences of those involved.
    • Facilitating Collaborative Partnerships: The Consultancy Division acts as a bridge, facilitating collaborative partnerships with external entities seeking specialized expertise. Leveraging the Trust's extensive network and reputation for academic excellence, the division identifies opportunities for consultancy engagements aligned with the Trust's areas of expertise. These partnerships not only benefit the clients but also provide invaluable practical learning experiences for faculty members and students.
    • Empowering Faculty and Students: One of the hallmarks of the Consultancy Division is its commitment to empowering faculty members and students by involving them in consultancy projects. By tapping into their subject matter expertise and enthusiasm, the division provides them with live exposures to real-world projects, enhancing their practical skills and industry relevance. This hands-on experience not only enriches their learning journey but also equips them with additional sources of income, as the Trust shares consultancy fees with staff members and students involved in these projects.
    • Upskilling and Market Readiness: Participation in consultancy projects offers faculty members and students a platform to upskill and stay ahead in the market. By working on a wide range of technical and non-technical projects, they gain practical exposure to cutting-edge technologies, industry best practices, and project management methodologies. This experience enhances their professional competencies, making them more marketable and sought-after in their respective fields.
    • Driving Innovation and Impact: As a conduit for knowledge exchange and innovation, the Consultancy Division plays a pivotal role in driving impactful change within communities. By applying academic expertise to real-world challenges, the division contributes to the development of innovative solutions that address pressing societal needs. Through its consultancy engagements, it catalyzes economic growth, fosters sustainable development, and strengthens the Trust's reputation as a thought leader in consultancy services.

    In summary, the Consultancy Division of Bagaria Education Trust embodies a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and societal impact. By leveraging its intellectual capital to address real-world challenges, it empowers faculty members and students, drives innovation, and fosters positive change in communities. Through its dynamic engagements and collaborative partnerships, it continues to uphold the Trust's legacy of academic excellence and social responsibility.

  • Mobilization (Admissions) Division

    Central to the Trust's mission of providing quality education is the Mobilization Division, which oversees the admissions process and ensures a diverse student body. Through targeted outreach efforts, strategic marketing campaigns, and personalized engagement with prospective students, this division facilitates seamless enrolment into various programs. It maintains strong relationships with schools, educational agencies, and community partners to widen access to education and promote inclusivity.

  • CSR Division

    Committed to giving back to the community, the CSR Division spearheads initiatives aimed at societal upliftment and sustainable development. From educational outreach programs to environmental conservation efforts, this division channels resources towards creating a positive impact beyond the confines of academia. By engaging stakeholders and fostering a culture of social responsibility, it embodies the Trust's commitment to holistic education and ethical leadership.

    The Corporate Office of Bagaria Education Trust serves as a beacon of educational excellence and innovation. Through its collaborative ethos, interdisciplinary approach, and unwavering dedication to societal welfare, it continues to shape the future of education and inspire generations to come.