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Office of Provost

Dr. Devendra Kumar Doda

+91 9352260373
  • As the cornerstone of academic governance, the Provost Office at Vivekananda Global University is dedicated to the development and implementation of the university's academic programs and policies. Our mission is to uphold the highest standards of education, foster innovative teaching and learning, and support the intellectual growth and success of our students and faculty.

  • At the heart of our operations lies the meticulous management of academic records. The Provost Office diligently receives, processes, and maintains all records related to the diverse array of programs offered at the university. From curricula to course offerings, we ensure the accuracy and integrity of academic information, facilitating smooth operations for both students and faculty members.

  • Transparency and accessibility are paramount in our
  • commitment to academic excellence. Through effective dissemination of information, we strive to keep the university community informed about all academic matters. Whether it's updates on program requirements, academic policies, or opportunities for intellectual enrichment, the Provost's Office serves as a reliable source of guidance and support for students and faculty alike.

  • In addition to the administrative responsibilities, the Provost Office plays a pivotal role in coordinating accreditation efforts. We work closely with accrediting bodies to uphold the university's standards of quality and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By facilitating the accreditation process, we demonstrate our unwavering dedication to academic excellence and accountability.

  • Furthermore, the Provost Office actively engages in fostering a culture of research excellence. We participate in the Research Board Meetings, where we collaborate with faculty members to enhance productivity and support research initiatives across disciplines. Through strategic planning and resource allocation, we encourage faculty members to pursue cutting-edge research and innovation, thereby advancing the university's reputation as a centre of excellence in scholarly inquiry.

  • Ultimately, the Provost's Office serves as a catalyst for academic innovation and advancement by empowering faculty members to push the boundaries of knowledge and inspire students to reach their full potential. By championing a culture of excellence and integrity, we are committed to shaping the future leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.