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The Perfect Platform for Youth Empowerment

Serve the nation and hone your leadership skills by joining NCC & NSS . Be a part of a community that drives positive change and leaves a lasting impact on society.

VGY- Technology Business Incubator aims to support and promote the growth of technology-based startups by providing resources such as mentorship, funding, office space, and access to networks and industry experts.


The ACIC-VGU Foundation aims to reach the innovators at the bottom of the pyramid and give them equitable opportunities and creating a space for the pre-incubation of ideas and solutions.


With state-of-art labs, equipment, mentorship, handholding support, funding opportunities, and co-working space, ACIC-VGU Foundation is here to create the upcoming Unicorns from Rajasthan.


Achieve your entrepreneurial dreams with our state-of-the-art facilities, mentorship programs, and access to funding opportunities.

VGU’s Incubation Centers offer comprehensive support to convert your innovative ideas, products, or services into small-scale businesses or startups. Our experienced mentors provide guidance and support to help startups achieve their goals, and we offer assistance in finding and applying for funding opportunities. With funding support, legal advice, and access to partner resources, we aim to create the upcoming unicorns. Join our network of entrepreneurs and industry professionals, and let's make your dreams a reality.The ACIC-VGU Foundation, supported by Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and Niti Aayog, aims to create a vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem in Rajasthan,

Focusing on sectors such as art, design, handicrafts, fashion, lifestyle, and agriculture. With state-of-the-art labs, equipment, mentorship, and funding opportunities, the foundation is committed to reducing the lab-to-land distance and supporting innovators at the bottom of the pyramid. Through its network of contacts, legal advisor, and partner support, the foundation offers comprehensive support to startups, including guidance, networking opportunities, funding assistance, and access to additional resources. The foundation has already raised INR 7,31,90,000 in funds for the startups it supports and aims to create upcoming Unicorns from Rajasthan

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